Frank Valentine was convicted of 20 counts of child sexual assault. His wife Maris, stalked Facebook groups and trolled his victims ! 

Frank Valentine was convicted of 20 counts of child sexual assault. His wife Maris, stalked Facebook groups and trolled his victims !

This story couldn’t be anymore messed up if it were written by George R.R. Martin himself !

Frank Valentine 78, the former head of the Daruk home for boys in Windsor and Paramatta girl’s training school, spent years preying on the state’s most vulnerable children, including two pregnant teenagers. He was convicted of four counts of rape, three of buggery, 11 indecent assaults and assault against six victims, five of them young girls.

Judge Nicole Noman, who heard the trial as a judge sitting alone without a jury, rejected Valentine’s claims that some of the victims had made their claims up to get compensation from the government and others had mistaken him for other guards. Well done Judge Noman, very happy to hear a judge see through a paedophile’s lies. This is straight from the child rapist playbook, “It was everyone but me your honour…. Oh wait, I mean they weren’t really raped at all they just wanted money, yes… the victims are in fact gold diggers” How many times have we heard the last one !

The rapes began just weeks after he started work as deputy superintendent at Parramatta in January 1971. He moved to Daruk in July 1973 and remained there until 1975.

Child sex allegations followed Frank Valentine from one child welfare job to another until the mid-1980s when he was named Department of Youth and Community Services operations manager for the Hunter, or second-in-charge. He should never have been allowed to continue working with children after complaints were made against him….. but he was.

The sexual assaults were finally acknowledged during the Royal Commission when evidence from the Department of Family and Community Services, showed that there were concerns raised about Valentine from at least as early as 1973.

Valentine was granted strict bail to appear for sentencing at Campbelltown District Court on May 24.

He had pleaded not guilty and was supported in court by his wife and some of his children. Supported is one way of putting it, in our opinion his wife downright attempted to pervert the course of justice and should be charged for her actions!

Detectives investigating her husband’s case busted Maris Valentine using the name D. James to access the private Facebook page used by ­former survivors of the ­notorious school. This was a support page set up by survivors of her husband’s horrendous actions and she went in under a fake name and as far as we at FACAA are concerned what she did was disgusting.

The “morally questionable” behaviour was ­revealed during the District Court trial for 78-year-old Valentine, who was this week convicted by Judge ­Nicole Noman. The judge said Mrs Valentine had “engaged in ­deception” with her daughter Sarah, to access what were private conversations.

“(Mrs Valentine) did so to assist the accused,” Judge Noman said. “The morality of her action is questionable. They demonstrated an ­absence of decency and compassion in their efforts and their discussions.”

Your husband and father is a PAEDOPHILE ! Don’t like it ? Well that really doesn’t matter, because the reality is he is a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE !

The fact that you still support him knowing what an abhorrent monster he is underneath the mask, is one thing, but the fact that you went out, made fake Facebook accounts and tried to dig up dirt on witnesses shows a total lack of understanding of just how horrific your husband/ father’s crimes were and just how many lives he has destroyed.

Police found the sub­terfuge by bugging Mrs ­Valentine’s phone, the court was told. The court heard how ­detectives with Strike Force Bilvo recorded Mrs Val­entine talking to the wife of another former Parramatta school boss, who is also facing historic sexual assault charges, about how Sarah had “infiltrated” the group.

Valentine’s trial was told how Mrs Valentine copied the names of all 92 people in the Facebook group and downloaded over 300 posts after creating the false profile in 2015 when her husband was charged by police. She was stopped when police alerted the group’s ­administrator.
Cross-examined in court, Mrs Valentine denied Crown Prosecutor Donna Daleo’s suggestion she had been “spying” but said she was looking for false information about her husband. Somehow that doesn’t ring quite true !

Frank Valentine is a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE ! He has caused pain and suffering for many children. How anyone can support convicted paedophiles in court is absolutely beyond us here at FACAA. Support the victims, not the pathetic cowards who committed these horrendous acts !

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