“EVERYONE!” a poem April 16, 2019 (TWO – z – n – snooze Day)

H – I – V -and-can-cer were ticklin’- me ‘fore-I-was-born!
Recombinant D. N. A. – was-my-playmate, as I scampered-on-the-farm!
Avian Flu and “Legionnaires'”* and syphilis are my friends!
EVERYONE-always wants-to-come with me, ’til’this-dream-scape-finally-ends!
We’re-all-just-a-happy-fam-ily! Let-me-introduce-EVERYONE-to-you:
But, sadly – many-cry: “KILLERS!” and “You’re-gonna-give-me-the-flu!”

So, IMMUNIZE (Don’t sym-pathize) – with natural strains, like CALVIN,**
And “Calvin-ism’s”*** coming back – and-nothing-really-needs-much-solvin’ !!!!
But, Lordie! People drop LIKE FLIES, when-they-get-fear-installed,
By clever, medical personnel, saying: “OMG!-Cancer!-I’m-appalled,
That you’re-not-MORE-afraid-of-dying, especially-during-Tax-Season!****”
But DON’T DIE YET! Be-sure-to-pay-your-taxes, and right here’s the blessed reason:
“We need-to-get-VALUE-from-you, as-much, as much as we can,
As we input fear-and-terror into YOUR PRECIOUS CAN!
We want you to know [that] you got BAD STUFF there, INSIDE,
Lurking (to-get-out-of-YOU)! Life’s a PERILOUS RIDE!
If we can’t get you with ‘a physical scare,’ did-you-know-you-have-‘mental defects? ‘
Buy into those, for we always suppose:

fin <3

* – a mysterious disease, similar to pneumonia, which was first reported and killed a number of people in Philadelphia in 1976 (named, because the first afflicted were members of The American Legion) Today, almost 7,000 cases are reported each year!

** – A seemingly lethal LIFEform, appearing in the film “Life!” (S)he was originally named “Calvin,” by some well-meaning children, who loved the little organism, shortly after it was born (before it started growing and consuming EVERYONE who resisted it)! Kids are SO CUTE! President Trump, for instance; the cutest, little kid you’ve ever seen! Did you know his parents almost named Calvin?

*** – a fairly popular form of Christianity, which emphasizes “being saved” by “having faith,” God’s GRACE ALONE and the idea that there is an “elect,” a group of just some people that get God’s grace! (and that elect group just happens to come to our church)!

**** – OMG! Tax were DUE yesterday! Thank GOD – for “extensions!” “The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away!!”


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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