So this morning I’m taking my twin girls to school, on the way Ally who’s sitting in the front with me, says “hey dad you’ll never believe what I seen last night” now keeping in mind she’s eight, I said what sweetheart? Then she proceeds with “I couldn’t sleep real good last night, and when I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep I seen a little girls face at my door, and it was really bright and she had a white dress on, I wasn’t scared she was smiling at me then ran away” Then Amber from the back seat says “don’t worry about that one she’s nice she won’t hurt you, I always hear her playing with the dishes and walking loudly around the house at night time” now I’ve thought I’d heard footsteps in the night as well but just always said to myself your just thinking about it to much. It’s the first time in year that the girls have said anything about this..Tonight I’m going to set up a camera and EVP recorder to see what happens….stay tuned

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