“CAUSE AND EFFECT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Blessed Are The Feet . . .” April 13, 2019 (Saturday)

Our friend BOB – was at “retreat,”*
When-his-mind JUST STOPPED! when-he-heard-the-feet,
Of The Master-creeping around the room,
Tapping-folks-on-the-shoulder – with his little broom!

“The Master did pass, then my mind was STILL!
NOT-thinking for a moment – was quite a thrill!
Thanks for this experience!” Bob wrote-when-he-got-home;
“I’d like to return soon – to recite the blessed OHM!”

Perhaps, though, Bob – it was really YOU,
Who “stopped” your mind! It might be true,
We-sometimes-link-things – to results,
But-Bob! YOU’RE-THE-MASTER You need no “cults!”**

Bob just-might-need [simple] faith-IN-BOB!
Yet, easy-does-it; I-don’t-want-to rob,
Anyone of-the-joy of a-good retreat!
You can meet lots of nice folks, around your seat,
And compare experiences – and an-alyze,
That “best” techniques – to ac-tu-a-lize!
On-your “God Adventure!” Sweet feet – tread slow! πŸ™‚ – Ho, ho, ohm!

fin <3

* – Buddhist Meditation retreats are ready to help you infuse your 9 – 5 with mindfulness (or mindlessness). A “Master” will help facilitate your meditation experience! If you are able, we suggest a cross-legged position, but chairs are available for the weak of knee!

** – a generally derogatory term referencing groups of people, trying to “indoctrinate” others to “their way of thinking,” being pretty insistent on having you donate your cash reserves on a regular basis! However, here I DO NOT MEAN to be speaking poorly about such groups – I think they fulfull the basic human desires for advancement , transcendence and worship! “We tend to have pretty strong desires for junk food, unprotected sex and killing stuff!” The Mystic Poet

  1. Compassion and mounds of insightful compassion πŸ’₯πŸ’«

  2. Insightful Ian, somehow, I knew you would Sir blessings πŸ’₯


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  1. The effect is the cause of mankind’s downfall and it began with cause and effect and will end as it began as everything is the reverse of itself Amen πŸ™β€™s For those who truly want to be saved

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