“NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL!” a poem a.k.a.: “An Expression of Time!” April 16, 2019 (Tuesday)

Rome wasn’t built in a single day; nor (was it) burned in a moment;
Rome was build – “in the twinkling of an eye!” Here’s-my-irreverent-co[e]m-ment?

Paris-is (pause) “The City of Love?!” or – [Fire]LIGHT, as we see,
“Love’s eternal! and so are you! and-there’s-in-evi-ta-bil-ity!”
Our sad condition, yearns for change, but mourns when structures fall!
“The-Need-To-Revise & IMPROVE-The-Race” is The Theme at The MUTANTS’ Ball!

As mourners gathered, watching-Notre-Dame-burn, tears fell on the street,
I-wondered: Would-they cry so much, if-they-knew-The-Cathedral’s tweet:
“I need some tender loving care!
So-expect some-burning in Monday’s air,
But, please don’t grieve, the worm must die,
To-emerge! and-give A-VICTORY-CRY!
For, I-have some-dross I need to burn,
And-some cross-ed wires I dare to spurn!”

But no one got this off of Twitter,
For stones don’t talk, like man or “critter!”
I got it – lying in my bed!
You-see, I’ve-got-“rocks in my head!”
But, yeah, so Notre (pause) Dame (Cathedral) agreed,
To-suffer-some-“burn,” but I did plead,
That-“she”-might-agree to save the art,
And She said: “Sure! I got a Heart!
So, go-ahead, get-the-paintings-out;
I’ve-no-problem-with-that – I’m just about,
Getting a face lift – and the wires untwisted!
Please, keep some auld, Your “Numen-isted,”
But please build-me-up to a ‘quality standard,’
So-I-might-feel – “supremely pander-ed!”

fin ❤


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