Jesus Message ~ Luke Le Bree💫

Hi I have awoken again to pass on information to you, To bring you information that brings full enlightenment, oneness with God.
Understand all you need to know and be you have already, just you separated from this by choice and found yourself in a place of Good and Evil, the polarities of life that you created.
In the original Creation only Oneness existed for it was a vibration of Heaven. God had created all things perfect and everything lived along side of each other in Harmony. When mankind was created it was that they be children of God. I have mentioned before God did not want other forms of life for this time it was to be Creator Gods like himself with free will , (Children of God.) well of course you know the birth of the offspring took place but in a moment of weakness they chose not to follow the Father Mother line of understanding . So the separation came from the decision within themselves to separate from the divine law and make a new understanding. So before any physical rebellion took place it had already broken the divine law by the children rebelling against the law within them.
Now my beautiful friends, for you to return to Love and a beautiful world you need to return to oneness within first.
Remember you are peace, joy, love, awareness, your Breath. Each of these attributes have a menu of other qualities that is a part of life. for instance. Using one of the main ones (LOVE) from this is compassion, creation, a working oneness. Life in fullness.
So dear family of love and light its not outside of you that needs to change but the empowerment of true life within.
When you choose love , peace , joy, oneness etc the world changes around you to match who you are, So you see to live in true reality as children of God requires you to recreate your thinking and awareness to that of our living Christ who has paved the way for you to do this and go home. It has the one lesson, be who you truly are, the rest is separation and death of your destiny into places of pain. Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


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