“HEALTH!” a poem April 15, 2019 (Monday, American tax deadline day?!)

Tell me? Tell me? Is-there-a-way-to-tell,
If-you’re-getting-close[r]-to-“Heaven,” or going to “Hell,”
If-you’re-be-coming-healthier? or less-“WELL?”

Why believe conjecture, for HEALTHY, in one way,
Is just: “pure sick[ness],” [isn’t-it?] when-black-and-white-turn-gray?
The “poor” are really pretty rich; the “rich,” they suffer too,
And-all-are-in-this-same-place, where-I-see 50[thousand]shades-of-blue!

Inside all that BLUE, where-most-say-they-don’t-wanna-be,
Are the brightest reds and yellows, suggesting still to me,
That-we-don’t-know-what-we’re-talking-about, endlessly-speculating,
Guessing as to WELL or SICK – and-always-anticipating!

“Better”-or-“Worse,” depending upon-some-fashionable-trend,
And-when-do-we-do-trends-WELL? We’re-NEVER-at-an-end,
Of-devising new-found strategies – for being better off!
BUT-SO-TOO A-GOOD-COUGH! 🙂 – Sneeze, Louise!

fin ❤


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