“THAT GUY 2!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Bottom Line: Just Try To Do Your Best! Not So Much So That It Makes You Sick! And, If You Need Some Help, Ask! But, If You Feel Something Might Produce Some Happiness In Your Life, Why Not Give It A Go And Not Keep THINKING You Can’t Do It, Especially If You Have Never Really Tried!” April 14, 2019 (Sunday)

[The picture was taken in Farringdon, London, and shows two actors, who were with a cameraman, recording responses of people passing by! The “most interesting” responses were put together as a video!]

Remember THAT GUY? We’re him! looking for a girl,*
Crying! Walking alone! Not-even-giving-life-“a-whirl!”
Too despondent – and hopeless – and out of luck,
To ever think that anyone – would-even-give-a [second look]!
Shoulders stooped, with stride constricted,
Or lazy-and-long – Directionless! Evicted!

If-you-see-that-guy-on-the-Street, please-him don’t-DERIDE,
For that guy, that derelict! is “in” “your hide!”**
For, we’re all lost – no compass – with-no-help-at-all;
We don’t hardly care – if we sink or fall!

An expressionless face, with EYES listening to,
Something in the box you’re holding on-to!!
A box, a hard and-plastic phone –
Given-long-ago-to-us – to-simply be alone!

So, let’s walk, walk – and walk – these-so-li-tary streets,
Afternoon – or-at-night, when-cops-have-their-“beats,”
Which might mean – you’re-stopped and-asked: “Where-ya-goin’?”
“I don’t know, Officer; I’ve lost all knowin’!”
“Are ya messin’ with me, Punk; do ya wanna go to jail?”
And in jail, they’ll torture – your sad, little tail!

And, to keep away from [such] pain, disgrace and disgust,
You’ll marry THE FIRST PERSON – who will give you a crust,
Of attention! So, you’ll at least – have a place to stay,
Other than the jail, but your “keeper” will say:
“Better shape up – or ship out, you rascal, you bum!”
And you’ll-be-forced-to-work-and-go-to-church, so-when Kingdom Come,
You won’t be told by God (too) that you haven’t any worth!
Thank goodness you’ve been promised – a glorious “Second Birth!!”

But-Heaven’s-a-Hell! and-you-recall-[more]-pleasant-days-on-The-Street!!!
Streets of Gold (it turns out) are-not-always so-neat!

fin ❤ (?)

Post-POEM: “DANG!” you might say; “I ain’t feelin’ so good;
I think I-DO-have-THAT-GUY (in-me) KNOCKIN’-ON-WOOD!!
Yeah! I-am THAT GUY; I should just relax and be content!”

“NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO NO!” The Mystic Poet went;

“Yeah! You-got-[inside]-THAT GUY, but you-also-got-you A DRAGON!

Breathing fire, destroying crops – and NEVER, ever beggin’,

NO ONE! for Nothin’ – so, remember! Ya-gotta-FOCUS,

On-what-YOU-think-might-bring-some-happiness! BEING-That-Guy is-bogus!

Pat yourself on the back; kick yourself in the ass (!?)

Find you an attractive thing, and, my-God-make-a-pass!***


So-why-not-just-PROCLAIM: I-CAN-DO-IT; LOOK-AT-ME!” 🙂 – Hey! Yeah!

fin ❤

* – or a boy or a lover or a pet (rock)
** – “There, but for the grace of ‘GOD,’ go I!!”
*** – not suggesting rudeness here! Dignified – Discreet – Decent (but not constricted!)
**** – Be a little careful, be a little humble; being-nice isn’t-being-weak, and you-don’t-have-to-mumble!


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