“INSPIRATION RE-VISITED!” a poem April 14, 2019 [Sunday]

A “sage”-approached, and-was-saying: “You – Inspire YOU!
No one else can do it! You’re-the-person-who,
Brings-all-your-own ‘catalysts’ into your-own-life,
And the ‘catalysts’-are-YOU-too, whether enemy-or-wife!”

For-everything’s-your guru, and-all reside within,
YOUR being of existence – To miss-this, is-such “sin!”

Sin is simply missing – the fact that: ALL THESE THINGS,
ARE-DIRECTED BY-YOU TRULY, and-it’s-ALSO-you-who-brings,
People, times and circum -stances in-to-your-life,
To MAKE YOU QUITE FORGET THIS! – and help to increase strife,

For you-want this-journey interesting, or it’s-not a-very-good-stor-y!
INSPIRE YOURSELF! It’s-YOU who’s-swimming! Little, blue, sweet Dory!

fin ❤


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