“FULL TIME!” a poem, dedicated to that special, inspirational inspiration that, although she knows all these poems are ABOUT ME, should know that many would never be – except for her blessed inspiration! a.k.a.: “Le Sigh!” April 13, 2019 (Saturday)

Even full time work doesn’t always pay [all] the bills!
So, I write poems, paint pictures, tend lawns-and-empty-“mills,”
But none of these is-REALLY “full time” work for me;
I used to “teach” school math – and practice law, you see,
Making [what I thought] was a bunch of some money,
But-was-it-FULL-TIME-work? Not-really, and-it’s-funny,
For definitions between people don’t always agree,
With what constitutes things – spec-i-fi-cally!

For, now – although I do write lots of verse,
I help out at home, but I’m-not adverse,
To working a lot and helping out friends,
And trying to stay fit – and making amends,
While singing in choirs – and-at-the-karaoke-bar;
Plus, making origami – to-sell-in-a-[little]-jar!

Yet, my “full time work” is-simply LOVING YOU;
Everything else – is subordinate to,
My relationship-with – my-“Sweetie-Pie,”
Although-she-may-not-think-so, I might ask her why,
Whenever she-[really]-needs-me, I’m USUALLY there!
Sometimes I’m late, but-seldom-tardy, but, of-course-I-do-care!

fin ❤


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