“PRIDE!” a poem April 11, 2019 [Thursday]

You did “th’ tee-tee,” an’ I’m so proud!
And, with-that-li’l-poo-poo, I’m just on-CLOUD,
NINE! – for YOU are A-MA-ZING!
Then! (Yes!) You-smiled, and-I-am-gazing,
Into-your pretty-face, I do so love!
Ooh-yeah, Honey-Chil’ You’re-my turtle-dove!

You made all-these beautiful, little sounds, and-I’ve-got-to-say:
Oh, LOOK! You frowned! You-furrowed-your-brow!
That is SO cute! Can-you-tell-me how,
You do the-things, the-things you do,
And NOW, you’re -silently brooding too!

When you’re bubbly, I simply can’t love you more,
Than when you’re sleeping – and you gently snore,
‘Cause every peep you make’s DIVINE!
[I-am with you! So, I’m feeling fine!]

I’m so in love with everything,
You do each day! Such joy you bring!

fin ❤ 🙂 – Thanks to my O. A. O.!*

* – a term used at West Point, N. Y., when I was a cadet, meaning: “One & Only!”


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