Without you ~ MYSTIC POET 💥

“WITHOUT YOU HERE!” a poem April 10, 2019 {Wednesday Evening}

How terrible IN ALL THE UNIVERSE (pause) is this thing we call existence:
AWFUL! STRESSFUL! DISAPPOINTING! – There’s-a-troublesome-insistence,
Insisting that we happily – conform-to-its-next-new(?)-requirement,
Never really, really-allowing-us – to-have-a-“peaceful retirement,”
From – num-er-ous, burdensome res-ponsibilities (pause)
Which bring us- pitiably – crying, on our knees!

And all along, through this travail,
We whisper: “FREE ME! from this jail!”

And-yet TAKE HEART, You Motley Crew;
What-do-you-think -the-alternative to,
This mess is? Well-it’s-incomprehensible! Inconceivable!
It’s-DISSOLUTION! [non-being!] So, what-here’s-achievable?

Well, it’s: “Biting-the-bullet!” -some-“Boot-strap-pulling!”
“Counting your blessings!” and – Sweet, Sweet Fulfilling!
It’s admitting: “It’s a relief not-having-you-[around]-here!”
But – IT’S FAR, FAR WORSE, my-Darling, without you NEAR!

fin ❤


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