“COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN!” a poem a.k.a.: “Loving Your Lovely Body!” April 8, 2019 (Monday) Painting: “Hugging Yourself!” [acrylic and pastels]

No-one’s-as-comfortable-in-their-own-skin-as-you; why-think OTHERWISE?
Because, after years of BEING YOU, you’re used to that disguise!!
(1) You know it’s “disgustingness,” of course, and (2) also daily care;
(3) You know exactly what it likes to eat, and (4) what’s-the-best-underwear!
(5) You-can manipulate-and-coordinate your-eyes-and-hands-and-private-parts:
(6) You have a nice routine, and (7) you-know-how-to-control your ..arts!😃
Fact is: IF YOU GOT STUCK IN ANOTHER, YOU’D-probably just “FREAK OUT,”
And-despite all its apparent foibles, your body would-certainly-cry without,
Having you around; for-it’s-also-used-to-you, Good Chum!
(And besides – come-on-now: You-know-(just)-how-to-scratch-your-bum!)
And, in another body that you think would be better,
You’d probably just turn into a big, old fretter!

It’s like the “fancy”* car down the street,
That YOU THINK – you-just really “can’t beat:”
But, whoever has it, is well versed in how to maintain,
And can afford repairs, taxes, and-polishing-it’s pretty frame!

You’re used to your body, like your “old, friendly car,”
And, with it (admit-it!) You-have-gone quite far!
So, stick with your tried and true equipment, it knows a thing or two –
Like-how-to-take-care-of-this-and-that! like: silly, complaining you!

“Thank YOU, my body – and I REALLY like you too,
And I like it that my sweet lover, with-you, likes to woo!” 🙂 – Woo hoo!

fin ❤

* – Even the fanciest car, like every kind of body, has its advantages and disadvantages!!

Yeah! Your body does some amazing things – So, give-it a little credit!

KISS & HUG IT LOTS EACH DAY! Hold-your-lover! and-DEFINITELY! Pet it!



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