“THE S WORD!”  a poem in the series: “Sally & Friends!”   April 9, 2019 SEXUAL [Tuesday!] ~ MYSTIC POET 💥

“THE S WORD!” a poem in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 9, 2019 [Tuesday!]

We’re-all S – x – a L-creatures; it’s-just something we do,
And I am so-so-so-so-so at-tract-ed to-you!

Most of us are sniffing, looking through and through,
To-find that pretty something – that we are dra-awn to!

Healthy folks have S – -, some, 2-times a day!

So, IF you find your-libido – has just all gone away,
Perhaps, there is some sickness! So-here’s-what-I-gotta-say:

“Perhaps some medi-cation, that’s-‘spose-to-maintain your health,
Is messing with your body’s urges! Please listen to this ELF!
If-your-urges are-not-around, I’d ask the question WHY!”

S – – ! It is quite na-tural, despite religious views,
And-many-religious-leaders – like-us-to-amuse,
Ourselves with doctor visits – hospitals and pills,
Tonics-lotion-and-many notions! So, if-you’ve-lost-your-thrills,
Of-looking-at and being-close – to pretty-people a-round,
Well, S-xY Sally’s a jealous mistress! She’ll put you in “The Ground!”

fin <3


“Studies Show That A Person Truly In Love Is Fearless And Can Face Anything, But True Love Is Not Something You Strive For; It Just Happens!  ~ Whew!” MYSTIC POET 💥

“I JUST WANNA!” another poem, inspired by the face of a 16-year old genius! 4-9-2019 (Tuesday) a.k.a.: “Studies Show That A Person Truly In Love Is Fearless And Can Face Anything, But True Love Is Not Something You Strive For; It Just Happens! Whew!”


When-I-gaze-in-your-face, I-MUST shed-me a tear!

Yet, we-don’t-give-a-“r – t’s – s s,” for-we-really-don’t-“mind,”
And a floodgate of waiting – and yearning – just flies,
Out from these tear ducts, for we’re ‘flooded’ with “God,”
Which-is love-hope-and-safety! My-but Isn’t-that-“odd,”
When wars, rape and hatred are always in fashion!
Mass-murders-and-genocide bring-teeth which are gnashin’,
Always waiting-for-blood, exploitation and crime!
How can this happen, when-your-sweet-love’s-“mine!”

The Sweet-God-of-Existence never-laughs at such torment,
For (s)he is EXPERIENCING all-this torture and foment!
[Is-there-need-for-such-suffering? We-keep coming back!]
Perhaps-’cause -TRUE-LOVE-can’t-exist with-out-BLACK,
So, is-it all worth it? or-are-we-[totally]-inane?

The movie reel REELS, and we-are-awe-stuck!
I-gaze-gently-in-your-eyes, just wanting to – – – – !
Men love to do it; women – – – – for love;
I’m sure there’s no God in no Heaven above!
However, what-do-I-know! I-just gaze in your eyes!
“You’re my f – – – – – !” [S]HE says! Must-be-true, for-I rise!
🙂 – I’ve waited a lifetime, a lifetime for YOU! I-can-wait-a-little-longer! It’s just what I do!

fin <3

“THE DEMON HAUNT!” a poem, in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 8, 2019 (M) ~ MYSTIC POET 💥

“THE DEMON HAUNT!” a poem, in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 8, 2019 (M)
SALLY makes The World – to sparkle! Then-it-all-turns-“black!!”

Sally likes white (with cotton garb)! Antiseptic she’ll NEVER LACK!

“Oh, my, my – THE GERMS! The Germs; they must NEVER spread;
Please, please be cautious!” These are things she’s said;
“We want The World NICE AND CLEAN!
No dust here! Let’s primp and preen!
And cut and sew! or-copy-and-paste!”
Sally’s-efficient, but-has NO HASTE,
Until her ways of woe – do snap,
And she must rest, before-coming-back,
To heal – and make your life so fine!
And “waste away!” DON’T look inside,
Of-Sally!-where-demons like-to-hide!*

fin <3

* – as they do in all of us, of course! 🙂 -Oo-yeah!

P. S.: For those concerned about possibly getting a stroke or heart attack (especially if you are “overweight,” whatever that means) be sure to get LOTS of exercise, ALONG WITH your cholesterol and other meditation, to keep yourself “fully protected,” kinda! [The exercise might help your body deal with the medications you are taking!!!]

For HIV PRE-protection, be sure to use once daily oral PrEP! It MUST be good, based on wonderful advertisements, showing REALLY HEALTHY, vibrant people (celebrities and dance instructors) smiling about the fact that they are taking it to – REALLY, absolutely, almost insure they will not get HIV!

“I mean, if The Mystic Poet does X, Y & Z, shouldn’t everyone? Especially if it has side effects, costs money that you don’t really have (because you are spending it all on cell phones, computer devices, and Internet plans) and requires that, in order to continue doing ‘it,’, you have to get tested for something (HIV, thyroid malfunction, ‘excessive sweating,” or stupidity) at least once every 3 months!” The Mystic Poet.

Women you can’t live with or without them 😁

Time and circumstances tore us apart

I am still living with the pain

It is a strong possibility

That I may never see him again

But I am not disheartened

Would you like to know why?

No matter how far he goes

We’d always be under the same sky

Did it happen ? Just wait and see 🤐

So this morning I’m taking my twin girls to school, on the way Ally who’s sitting in the front with me, says “hey dad you’ll never believe what I seen last night” now keeping in mind she’s eight, I said what sweetheart? Then she proceeds with “I couldn’t sleep real good last night, and when I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep I seen a little girls face at my door, and it was really bright and she had a white dress on, I wasn’t scared she was smiling at me then ran away” Then Amber from the back seat says “don’t worry about that one she’s nice she won’t hurt you, I always hear her playing with the dishes and walking loudly around the house at night time” now I’ve thought I’d heard footsteps in the night as well but just always said to myself your just thinking about it to much. It’s the first time in year that the girls have said anything about this..Tonight I’m going to set up a camera and EVP recorder to see what happens….stay tuned


“COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN!” a poem a.k.a.: “Loving Your Lovely Body!” April 8, 2019 (Monday) Painting: “Hugging Yourself!” [acrylic and pastels]

No-one’s-as-comfortable-in-their-own-skin-as-you; why-think OTHERWISE?
Because, after years of BEING YOU, you’re used to that disguise!!
(1) You know it’s “disgustingness,” of course, and (2) also daily care;
(3) You know exactly what it likes to eat, and (4) what’s-the-best-underwear!
(5) You-can manipulate-and-coordinate your-eyes-and-hands-and-private-parts:
(6) You have a nice routine, and (7) you-know-how-to-control your ..arts!😃
Fact is: IF YOU GOT STUCK IN ANOTHER, YOU’D-probably just “FREAK OUT,”
And-despite all its apparent foibles, your body would-certainly-cry without,
Having you around; for-it’s-also-used-to-you, Good Chum!
(And besides – come-on-now: You-know-(just)-how-to-scratch-your-bum!)
And, in another body that you think would be better,
You’d probably just turn into a big, old fretter!

It’s like the “fancy”* car down the street,
That YOU THINK – you-just really “can’t beat:”
But, whoever has it, is well versed in how to maintain,
And can afford repairs, taxes, and-polishing-it’s pretty frame!

You’re used to your body, like your “old, friendly car,”
And, with it (admit-it!) You-have-gone quite far!
So, stick with your tried and true equipment, it knows a thing or two –
Like-how-to-take-care-of-this-and-that! like: silly, complaining you!

“Thank YOU, my body – and I REALLY like you too,
And I like it that my sweet lover, with-you, likes to woo!” 🙂 – Woo hoo!

fin <3

* – Even the fanciest car, like every kind of body, has its advantages and disadvantages!!

Yeah! Your body does some amazing things – So, give-it a little credit!

KISS & HUG IT LOTS EACH DAY! Hold-your-lover! and-DEFINITELY! Pet it!

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