“Sally and Friends! Texas Cowboy 💥💥

“[FLYING HIGH WITH] OUR GAL ‘SAL’ AND ‘CRATES,’ HER PET HIPPO!” a poem, in the series: “Sally and Friends!” April 7, 2019 – Sunday

“Medical Sally” loves “her own!”
She likes to be called up – on the phone,
To answer questions about your health,
And get you to visit, to take your wealth!?

Of course, all families Sally adores;
There are lots of children at her doors,
Eagerly awaiting consultation,
In-[ ]-THIS – and every-bloody-nation!

With “plans” and stratagems and co-pays-we-see!
Mama Sally spreads her wings,
And brings her children many things,
To-ever-self-actualize – and get set free!
From-the-need to-inquire in each new day,
With each new discomfort! Let us pray:

To-“The-God-of-Ill-Health!” We’re-so-fragile-in-every-way!
Is there never – just some-[you-know] “sim-pler”-day?

Where Hippocrates, with-his-HIPPOcritical “bent,”
[Who, arguably, was-NEVER Heaven-sent]
Will-spread-his-similar-wings, with Sally fair,
And they’ll fly-away FOREVER? a-pretty-nasty-pair?

fin ❤


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