“A TITANIC YEARNING!” a poem April 6, 2019 (Saturday)

My purpose in life is to make you a Titan,
For Titans are huge oh-so-strong-and-they-frighten,
EVERYONE!? even-the-strongest-and-most-fast,
The-ones-labeled-“invincible,” and-we-all-think-they’ll-“last!”

I’ll make you a Titan, by “pulling” on you,
15-minutes-to-an-hour! That’s-what I will do,
For we all need GOD FOOD, that liquid refreshment,
From-The-Springs-of-The-Gods (in Fields so distant)!*

Ambrosia, or nectar, of all gods I’ll drink;
I-will-satiate-my-hunger (and) put-you “in the pink!”
The more that I “draw,” the tighter you’ll get!
So, as-to-your-ab-dominals, you-never-need-fret!

I’ll squeeze The Twin Sisters** for all that I’m worth,
To sculpt your fine tummy – and give it fresh birth!
I’ll tighten your tum-tum; just say: “Ba-by! Ba-by;
Come to your mama!” I will NOT say “maybe!”

I’ll cleave to them fast – and flood the canal,
With elixir from Heaven! I’ll do it, I shall!
I will tighten my Titan – a finely honed “pack!”
Manna from Heaven! There’s no turning back!

Moral: “The baby is hungry, ever-ravenous still,

fin ❤

* – The Elysian Fields (also called “The Elysium”) is the final resting place for heroic and virtuous people, according to Greek philosophy! “Ode to Joy” references the Goddess Joy, who hails from The Elysium! If you listen carefully or if you know German, you will notice there is reference to these fields several times! The lyrics are in German, but translated, read as follows:

Joy, beautiful spark of Divinity or: of gods, Daughter from Elysium,

We enter, drunk with fire,

Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!

Your magic binds again

What convention strictly divided

All people become brother

Where your gentle wing abides.

Who has succeeded in the great attempt,

To be a friend’s friend,

Whoever has won a lovely woman,

Add his to the jubilation!

Indeed, who even just has one soul

To call his own in this world!

And whoever never managed, he should steal away

Crying from this union!

All creatures drink of joy At the nature’s breasts.

All Just Ones, all Evil Ones

Follow her trail of roses.

Kisses she gave us and grapevines,

A friend, proven in death.

Salaciousness was given to the worm

And the cherub stands before God.

Gladly, like His suns flythrough the heavens’ grand plan

Go on, brothers, your way,

Joyful, like a hero to victory.

Be embraced,


This kiss to all the world!

Brothers, above the starry canopy

There must dwell a loving Father.

Are you collapsing,


Do you sense the creator, world?

Seek him above the starry canopy

Above stars must He dwell.

** – This is the popular name of a location in a mountain range located West of Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

The painting was done in oils by The Cowboy Artist!


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