“EVOLUTION!?”~ Jfasterfert 💥

EVOLUTION!?\” “EVOLUTION!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Rising Sun!” a.k.a.: “I’m Sorry There Are No Words To Tell You How Much I Adore You!” April 1, 2019 (April Fools’ Day: Moon-Day)

I met a friend; [Was-it-on] April Fools’?
(S)he was captivating, with eyes like “pools!”
The attraction, it was quite the thing!
Is-it-time – for-a-diamond-ring,
When-I’m-not-even-sure if-it’s-a-boy-or-girl?!
Well, what-the-heck! Let’s-“give-it-a-whirl,”
And see what happens – gay or straight,
Or “bi,” Oh, my! Just SA-TI-ATE,
THIS FEELING, SOME-HOW, for-it’s-in-tense,
And-my-libido makes-no-sense!
With-many attractive people-around,
With none of them will-I-be-found,
Because not-one is-nearly-as-fine,

And-I’m-“immune” to-the-allure,
Of other people, for there’s-no-“stir,”
Of wanting-to-be-with any-one,
Except with YOU, “My Rising Sun!”

Shall-we call-it EVOLUTION?
To be with you? – is-my “solution,”
Is my desire, fond – and strong!
ETERNALLY – is NOT so long,
When “The-Right-One” comes-along,
The-one-who-com-ple-ments my-solitary-song:
A song of HOPE, to-complete-a-life,
That-has-changed-so-much – Are-you my-wife?

You are my future, and together, we,
Are-in-this-together, de-licious-ly!

You are my passion! Now! Exclusive;
Joy-with-you – is-NOT elusive! 🙂 – Sigh!

fin ❤



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