“THE SCHOOL OF LOVE!” a poem on St. Patrick’s Day: March 17, 2019 (Sunday)

In “The-Garden of-Sensual Delights,” I-enrolled!
“It’s The Best School Ever!” or-so-I-was-told!
I enrolled in one class – called: “HOW BAD IT-ALL IS!”
[It’s run by a lady – we gotta call MIZ!]
So! Here-The-Prof’s cryin’! Her lap dog is dyin’!
And all the other students? They seem to be “Flyin’,
Off-of-The-Handle,” and the tear pools are thick,
So, I’m trying to clean up, but I’m-crying [too] and sick!
En route to the bathroom, I passed me this class,
Where The Prof ‘s pretty s – x y and is shaking her a – – ,
Telling everyone how GREAT-everything must be!
It’s called: “Optimistic 101!” I slipped-in to see,
A bunch of wonderful folks – Was THIS!? Heaven on Earth?
For it had lots of humor and hope, laced with mirth,
Suggesting: IF-we-try-hard, this can be Heaven or Nirvana!
Just GO FOR IT, baby, but the class- went-on!-&-on-a!

Still! What a school! For, just the other day,
I-found-a-class-with-a-Blue-Prof – who-had an int’resting way:
The Prof lost her voice [like me], so-she-writes “hearts” & “smiles” on The Board;
People are “loving” each other on the back row! Snuggling! with one accord,
And things may be blue, but-there-are-other-colors-too!
I DROPPED ALL MY OTHER CLASSES, ’cause in this one, I met YOU!

You sort-a “oogled” at me, with your eyes and said: “I’m IN love so true!”
And now, I’m hypnotized forever – in your skies of “Milky Blue!”
I’m JUST LOST! in this “school” of your milk & honey,
The sunniest class is in: “The Land of Scrumptious Blue Bunny!”

fin <3


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