“STAND UP ROUTINE!” a poem March 18, 2019 (Monday)

In: The Loftiest Heavenly Realms AND-also: The Cesspools of “lowest” H – LL,
The topic[s] are pretty-much-the-same! and-no-one’s-tryin’-to-sell,
Their style – or their topic(s) – as really any better,
Than anything else you might talk about – and-there’s-also an-IRISH-setter,*
Who LOVES IT when St. Patrick’s Day – comes-around so-he,
Can be The Center of Attention – when-he-does his “green-y pee!”

So, we talk NOT ONLY ABOUT BODILY FLUIDS! but, also, different “Tantric” ways,
And this is how THE REALLY HOLY – whittle-away their HOLY days,
Waiting for their compadres, from the vilest levels of H – L L,
So they can all get together – and ring the supper bell,
And eat and “roast” and “shoot-the-s – – t,”
Talkin’ about topics – for just a bit,
But-mostly-anticipating the-best-stand-up-comics-who-come,
And then, there’s lots o’ laughter, for we are now among,
FOLKS! who judge not – lest they be found,
“Perfectly imperfect,” but – we’re ALL-so bound,
To appreciate Jesus’ Stand-Up, when-he-goes-“Down-South!”
His nickname? That’s-right! It’s: “The-Potty-Mouth!”

fin <3

Based on Cai-phas and Pilate too,
Jesus really – knew how to “spew,”
And got crucified [mainly] for-his “bad jokes!”
“Don’t CROSS me, man, or Death I-might-just-coax!”

* – Well, it IS the day after St. Patrick’s Day, so you might have expected that! ๐Ÿ™‚


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