“ST. PATRICK’S NEPHEWS!” a poem a.k.a.: “It’s All In The Family!” Sunday 3/17/19

Satan and The Bogey Man – are cousins, once removed!!!
When these guys were growing up, the girls REALLY GROOVED,
For ALL grew up – in Belfast town,
And their third-cousin Santa was often found,
SLIDING DOWN “CHIMNEYS!!!” which made the girls squeal!!
And then there was this distant cousin, really-quite-the-deal:
It-was-their-“tights-wearing”-cousin: Green Goblin, from CORK!
He’d GOBBLE all The Green Girls! and, there was-also Cousin Mork!
That’s right!-he-got-green-too – colors-like-a-chame-le-on!
I’m tellin’ you – THIS FAMILY! They-liked-to-go-’round-feelin’ –
EVERYONE! and-sealin’ kisses! on succulent lips!

Yet, The Patriarch! Uncle Patrick! – loved his brews and nips!
And he used to hob-nob-off-the-job, with-his-buddy-ol’-Van-Winkle,
Who lurked in the woods, like one-o’-the-hoods, and really-liked-to-tinkle!

And ALL these guys became famous, by-doing-crazy-stuff-for-a-long-long-time!!!

Of-course, let’s-not-forget-Cousin-Mystic! (also a “distant” cousin!)
Who wrote some pretty bad rhyme!

Anyway, to all you crazy people! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Better wear and/or drink some “GREEN,” or-get-pinched-a-lot-today!
And – dance a jig! Be a green, chauvinist pig!
IF Trump can do it, then do it BIG,
But TRY TO BE NICE, ’cause leprechauns kill twice,
And try not to blame it all – on J (Jay)! Have-some-creme-de-menthe-on-ice!

fin <3