Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

In the perfection of having a wonderful life, be aware that your journey following your sacred path will be challenged by Satan in the form of Anger, Pride, Seeking power over others to uplift yourself as being superior. these are the methods of the devil to draw you away from my love which is Oneness to the beauty of the true creations and my desire to bring you home to my love with the life breathe of the Father and direction of the Holy Spirit.
You are my Children and my Gods to be in the beauty of family. Choose my kingdom over your earthly power of lust of revenge and false teachings for that is the way of destruction of that which is life and beauty of creation. Call upon me for the moments you live now are being challenged as never before. Remembering that only with the power of free choice that I offer you all can you fulfill your highest state of being. Then my love I gave to you in my sacrifice will be complete in the oceans of unlimited creations of that love you have chosen.

Thank you dear Jesus how beautiful you are and your advice to us. <3 <3 <3 Luke Le Bree.


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