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Steps to go out there like a lion
Stand up, close your eyes, and go back in time until a point where you were absolutely confident. It can be any experience. Even shaving your beard perfectly, building a beautiful castle in the sand, or saving someone from drowning into water. It can be a perfect moment on the court as well. Anything. The only important thing is to feel the confidence…
Go back there and relive the experience as detailed as possible. See in your mind’s eye what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt. Be extremely detailed. Take the time here, the more thoroughly you do this, the better your results will be. Keep drilling down to more details until you feel the same confidence you felt back then. Notice your body language, posture and the feeling inside you. Give it a shape, a place in your body, notice the color of the feeling if you want.
Imagine a circle a couple of inches above the surrounding floor. Imagine yourself standing in that circle with full confidence. Feel the enormous power and the unbreakable belief in yourself. This is your circle of confidence! If you want, you can anchor it more by making a fist, for example. The key in anchoring is to do it right before the feeling reaches its peak.
Take a step back, out of the circle and leave the feeling there. It may seem strange at first, but you can do it. Just leave it there. Look around, count the corners in the room. It means breaking the state. You shouldn’t feel the confidence at this point. It’s in the circle (and in your fist), where you left it.
Imagine the next time you have a game. Make up the moment you enter the court, in your mind. Close your eyes and travel to that moment. Chose something that is before the game and is always there. I use the move when I put on my whistle and step onto the court.
As soon as you start seeing what you will see, fire your anchor. See what you will see when you enter the court, hear what you will hear, and fire it by stepping into the circle and MAKE A FIST! Notice the difference. This step can be fast. Step in as soon as you see the scene and feel the absolute confidence for as long as it feels right. Iterate. You can repeat steps 6 and 7 a couple of times to anchor it more. The more you do it, the bigger footprint you leave in your nervous system, the better your end result will be.
Break the state (open your eyes, count the corners) and try firing the anchor. Make a fist and notice how you feel. If you anchored it well, you should be able to feel the perfect confidence right there.
Future pace. Imagine your next game and a game more further in the future. See the moment that fires the anchor. How do you feel?
You have three anchors now; making a fist, stepping in the circle and your pregame moment. Fire any one of them to be in the confident state. Use the circle to strengthen your anchors, especially after bad games.
Actually, it’s much faster to do it than to read and apprehend it for the first time. Feel free to try it for your next game and notice the difference. Remember firing the anchor when you need a confidence boost. Use it often to re-anchor it from time to time. It will last longer.

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