“BON VIVANT!” a poem March 24, 2019 (Sunday)

I like to be, to be WITH YOU!
You’re so pretty, and you’re true!
You smile NICE, with sparkly eyes;
Your hair runs downward, to your thighs;
You are so kind and help a lot,
Even-those-people – those-who-are-not,
Too kind to you! You are my model,
And-if-I-could put-you in a bottle,
I-bet-I-could-sell-you for: a zillion dollars,
But I DON-WANNA – for I just hollers,
When you touch me – and call my name!
You are the-most-est-glamorous “dame,”
That I have ever laid eyes on!

Thanks-for-being My Bon Vi-vant!*

fin ❤

* – Here referring to a person who knows how to live well!


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