“THE KEEPER OF THE WORLD ZOO – IS YOU!” a poem March 23, 2019 (Sat.)

When an actor in YOUR story becomes-SO-PROFICIENT at-“their assign-ed-role,”
They might come after you! to-try-and-take-away “Your Pole,
Position!” [but-not-to-worry] No matter how expert they might become,
They are YOUR creation! Compared-to-you, they-[only]-“suck-their-thumb!”

Even IF they BELIEVE – that they are in control,
YOU-are-the-one who has planted that notion – in their ‘storied soul!”

So – DROP THE IDOLS – and write away!
You-needn’t-fight ANYONE any day,
For, within YOUR story, you’re-still The Hero!
Call yourself Christ or Buddha – for-you ARE “Nero!”
But you needn’t be The Nasty NERO, from another story you-did-devise!
BE MORE LIKE “NEO,” but-[you-might-want-to] keep-on-your-clever-“disguise!”

And remember: NEVER FIGHT FOR REAL! You simply do not have to!
For you’re THE KEEPER with “The Keys” to The World Zoo!
And THE ZOO IS YOU, so-don’t-be-so-“blue!”
Just write-a-lot-of-happy-“resolutions!” It’s-not that hard to do!

Plus, IF your dream’s not going well, and you “wake up” prematurely,
Just revise a pleasant ending! It’s-never-too-late – or-early!

fin ❤


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