“FREEDOM IN MODERN CULTURE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Calm Down! The Kingdom of Warm Cuddles [My Ideal] Is Found In All Tearful Puddles!” a.k.a.: “The Freedom Of Silly Love Poems!” March 19, 2019 [Tuesday]

Cell phone devices, including televisions!
Hospitals and clinics, with governmental decisions,
Regulating schools, transport and The Law,
And all the cries of “Freedom” to the drones of “Ra! Ra! Ra!”

The folks are-flocking nightly – to restau-rants and bars!

This-here’s quite The World – with-depen-dency on cars,
And market exploitation, with your taxes coming due!
Licenses! and Regu-lations! Who you gonna sue?
To get what-you-think-is “owed-you,” Well, no one’s gonna pay!!


By pharmaceutical companies – and-“insurance” fear pedd -lers,
And all the calls and ads – by-ill-intentioned medd-l-ers,
From India or some place – they CALL “The PHILlipines;”
Well, “PHIL” means “love(?)” my Darling, but no one really gleans,
That ALL THE CLEANING that gets done – happens to your wallet!
“FREEDOM,” I guess, is-anything – That you wanna call it!!

MY FREEDOM? = Time-with-YOU! and-thinking-of-you -all-day!
And there is ONLY ONE – to whom I might just pray:
It’s-TO-YOUR-THOUGHT! It’ll-set-me-FREE – &-always take me HOME!
YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME – in every silly poem!

That’s-the-only-[true]-FREEDOM – that I really spy!
Otherwise, it’s people – just living a BIG lie,
Using FREEDOM as-just-a-silly-word that they like “to throw,
Around”-the-streets-of-your-home-town, where FEAR’s in love with WOE!

I conclude: MOST WORDS? NO MEANING! but – hugs and kisses will,
Soon-usurp-lies, for-in-My-Kingdom – WARM’s displacing “chill!” 🙂 – Woah!

fin ❤


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