Word for today Dogmatic

Dogmatic [ dawg-MAT-ik, dog- ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. dictatorial or authoritative 2. pertaining to dogma USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She was not tempted to be dogmatic about what she believed. Advertisements



“ST. PATRICK’S NEPHEWS!” a poem a.k.a.: “It’s All In The Family!” Sunday 3/17/19 Satan and The Bogey Man – are cousins, once removed!!! When these guys were growing up, the girls REALLY GROOVED, For ALL grew up – in Belfast town, And their third-cousin Santa was often found, SLIDING DOWN “CHIMNEYS!!!” which made the girls […]


“THIS IS IT!” a poem March 18, 2019 [Monday] FACE-IT!! The-greatest place-IN-THE-WORLD – is-right-about: “HERE!” Even-if – you’re racing, with a scowl & frown – and you can-not find no beer! BUT! IF you look – and NOT very long/much – you’re-likely-to-find WINE! And, if-you-close-your-eyes and plug-your-nose – I think you might just find, Beer!-on-your-lips! […]


“STAND UP ROUTINE!” a poem March 18, 2019 (Monday) In: The Loftiest Heavenly Realms AND-also: The Cesspools of “lowest” H – LL, The topic[s] are pretty-much-the-same! and-no-one’s-tryin’-to-sell, Their style – or their topic(s) – as really any better, Than anything else you might talk about – and-there’s-also an-IRISH-setter,* Who LOVES IT when St. Patrick’s Day […]

“A RHYME TO LOVE!”ย  a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

“A RHYME TO LOVE!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “I Adore You Too!” March 18, 2019 (Moon Day) I think of your a – – and-it drives me crazy! I think of your b r – – – t s, and I get real lazy, ‘Cause I just want […]

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