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Home Based Business EDITOR’S COMMENTS Here is the Blog enquiring to reshare again. Thank you for the opportunity to share inspiration with you and that so many are using these tags we resourced systems to help everyone connect to Home Based BUSSINESS. No you don’t need to use all these Tags. The tags we share have a […]

For a child is like a lion, unfettered, always free, From The Wisdom of The World – but this much we can see: πŸ’™πŸ’™

“THE DIFFERENCE!” a poem dedicated to my buddy Don and my Daddio Sam, always “young at heart!” written: March 3, 2019 [Sunday] P. S.: Happy Birthday, Don! πŸ™‚ – in mid-March! “Aren’t you being a bit childISH?” to my Inner Child, [s]he said. “Well, I’m not sure! How-can-one-tell?” So, I ‘SIMPLY” read, About being “CHILD-LIKE,” […]

‘Reverential fear’: The only reform that could tackle clerical sexual abuseThank you, Geoffrey Robertson! “A church that has tolerated the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children – a crime against humanity in any definition – needs to face unpalatable truths and to make drastic reforms… The necessary reforms must begin with recognition that child sexual abuse is a crime, not just a sin, and must be reported to and dealt with by prosecuting authorities. Canon law, with its pathetic punishments of prayer and penitence, and its obligations to keep proceedings secret, must have no part in dealing with allegations of sex abuse.”

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