[Those who play together, stay together!]ย  “Go away!!! Let me be!” ๐Ÿค New Zealand Holidays

“YOU MIGHT AS WELL!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Need Something To Eat!” 02/25/2019 (Monday)

MIGHT AS WELL ACCEPT EVERYTHING! (a few good things might happen!)

IF you hide – and-lock-you-in-your-room – I STILL MIGHT COME A-TAPPIN’

And-a-whispering through-the-bedroom-door, “Come-out! Come play with me!”

[Those who play together, stay together!] “Go away!!! Let me be!”

“OK!” says I; “Perhaps then – later we can get together!”

And-SO I LEAVE? and-you-mope-a-while, then-“there-is-a-change-of-weather,”

And, from underneath your covers, you say: “Are you still there?!”

But, of course, now, Honey – I have left ! YOU – with-your-melancholy-“air!”

“He’s left me, left me – I am sad! I am hurt – and sooky!”*

So! You cry a little bit! BUT! I WASN’T “playing hooky!”**

“I’M STILL HERE, OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR!” I say; “Are you all right?”

And-you leap ‘cross the room – and open the door – & kiss me with all your might,

And say: “I sorry! I missed you! Don’t leave me no more!”

“But I NEVER LEFT!” “Oh, THAT’S RIGHT!” [and she wrestles me to the floor!]

And beats me – and threatens me – and kisses me sweet,
And says: “YOU TRICKED ME, you Bad Boy! Let’s (go) get something to eat!”

fin <3

* – a slang term, in Australia, New Zealand, etc. meaning: sad and pout-y! ๐Ÿ™
** – being absent, as from school


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