Little Bear!   Little Bear!

“BEARLY GETTING BY!?”  a poem in our series “Mr & Mrs Cuddly Poo!”  Monday: February 18, 2019

Little Bear!   Little Bear!
Our little life!   We’re such a pair!
Hard and Fast?  or Soft and Slow?
How about neither?   Yes or No?
Things will work out!  Let’s not go,
Slow or fast, for this we know:

Life’s not some race – to get done,
But we can make it – not very fun,
If we try      so hard   that we,
Make it hard     – in-“The-3rd-Degree!”

The World’s Way, it grabs and pulls,
To manipulate ITS Bears & Bulls!
We do not have to follow its,
Crazy pace and play of wits!
The World wants to draw us to,
The Precipice  of what to do,
Of expectations     and social goals,
Which are not “critical!”  The bell just tolls,
But NOT for Thee!   just for an hour,
And hours pass, but REAL power,
Is NOT in conquest – or progression!
“Cuddly-poo” is our confession:
Which is to cuddle and talk so sweet;
We’re Little Bears, with tender feet,
Who can     take things step by step,    and we,
Need no one to follow – and no place to be,
Except with each other, with our paws to hold,
In Love!  We’re fine!  not hot or cold,
Just com-fo-able – and we can’t know,
What tomorrow holds – so let’s just go,
Along in life – and not stress out!
We’re     Cuddly Bears, and we’re about,
The Business of Loving, with simply joy!
You’re my girlie bear, and I’m your boy!                     🙂 – Woo hoo!

fin   <3

Two little Bears
Falling in Love 💗

Mr ♡ Mrs Cuddly Poo ~ those that play together stay together 😁