Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
I call upon you in these days of sickness and lack of understanding to follow myself to bring light and hope to many. I can see you know your place as one of my gems of light that follow me without being vain, for you know all light and love is of myself with the life of my Father and Holy Spirit. Your gain in the worldly goods is limited , but your heart will one day will be with me and give glory to all. Seek to spread the truth of all peoples salvation, knowing most will turn against you but for the opportunity they will receive is worth all your calling. Keep your eyes clear to see all people from where they stand and not from a place of your own problem. Love all and walk away if you are abused by a group of people and wipe your feet of them ,for there chance has come and only they can become humble and grieve of there treatment of you. Let your love draw to you those who also wish to serve and love me and yourself for there hearts will be clear for I will raise there light to overcome any darkness and I will love them as I love you. Within some of them you will become one with some, each for a different reason my love will bring them to you for the heart is the wisdom and love that is my law for you bathed in freedom to express in the ways that brings to you joy and pleasure and Glory to me.

Most blessed Lord I thank and wish upon myself to do your bidding and to love as never before. Amen

A closer walk with thee 😇
Brother Luke
Amen 😇