J Jay Samuel Davis🕊

“ON THE DOT!” a poem [a.k.a.: “Let’s Keep The Poetic Dash Moving, On The Dot!”] February 7, 2019 (Thursday: Karaoke at Ole Crystal Bar, here in beautiful downtown Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., tonight at 10:30 P. M.!) dedicated: to the lady that started our POETRY GATHERING, here in beautiful downtown Alpine – at The Historic Holland Hotel (corner of 6th Street and Holland Ave.), held each Wednesday at 6:30 P. M., come rain or come SHINE!! DOROTHY HARDING! a.k.a.: “Dot!”

DOTtie left!* We-were so sad,
So, we’re DASHing to The Holland,** with-faces-painted-“glad,”
‘Cause-our-DOT is back! We DASH & DASH,
To-The-Poetry-Gathering – for-a-“POETIC-BASH!”

“Welcome-HOME-Poetry!” with DASHes & DOT(s):
Poetic Morse Code! and we got ourselves lots,
Of-catching-up-to-do – and hugs to get!!!
We’re-DASHing, to-see-DOT! our poetic “pet,”
Who-is-our “time kee-per!” We -love-her-moderating, (pause)
Our POETIC HEARTS, as-we’re-participating! 🙂 – “2 BEE or not 2 BEE!”

fin <3

* – Dottie Harding left about a year ago – to go visit sick relatives in San Antonio, Texas, U. S. A.! Well, everything is better NOW! and we are happy that our poetic “friend” has returned, bustling with ideas and exuberance! Yay! Dot! Welcome HOME!

** – The Historic Holland Hotel (here in Alpine)! One of the finest overnight accommodations IN THE NATION!