“Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !” 😊

“HOLEY! MAN!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !” Feb. 27, 2019 [Wednesday]

In India, The Holy Men and Sages – walk around,
As Jesus said* to all of us: “Who knows where they are bound?
Because they are-all so in love, with no one there to steer!”

And your response, my wayward Friend? “I wish I did not fear,
This life so much, ’cause-I’d-like-to-be: a Holy Man myself!”

“Well,” says I, “Don’t give up hope – don’t-put-your-SAGE-iness-on-The-Shelf!
IF your ambition is-to-become-HOLY, have-I got new for you:
JUST FALL IN LOVE, WITH-THE-GIRL-OVER-THERE! &-you’ll-be-a- sage-too!
A Holey Man, with a plan? – and eyes upon The Prize!!
Which-is the beauty of THAT GIRL, who’s right between your eyes!
And you can be – between her thighs! Loving-her-right well,
And, like a Holy Man [or Sage], you’ll have no fear of Hell,
‘Cause you’ll be so, so into Her – that nothing-can-get to-you,
Except – her-pushing of-“your-buttons!” with-her-fine-list, “The-TO-DO!”

You’re-a-Holy-Man! Her-holey-man – A REAL SAGE YOU’LL BE!
Just like the ones in India – You’ll-wonder – and-wander with-glee,
Knowing-that just-like-Jesus! You’re-a-servant!-serving-every-whim,
And IF you’re lucky [you Ol’ Sage!] SHE’LL LET YOU “TAKE A SWIM,”
Of this kind of Spiritual Path – BHAKTI! with that dame!

JUST FALL IN LOVE! Yes, FALL IN LOVE! Fall into that hole!
And you’ll be happy EVER AFTER –
“On patrol!” πŸ™‚ – Whoa!

fin <3

  • Book of John 3:8″Doing The Bhakti TO-DO List !”
You can’t help who you fall In love with ~
Love finds you ~
True Love hits you in the head
You can’t get them out of mind
Your World is turned upside down
Spinning out of control
Take deep breaths
One moment at a time
TIME for you and love him
Just the way he is
True Love
Expects nothing and gives all
True Love
Is when you forget about your own self
True Love
Is not arrogant or wanting
True Love is wanting to care and nourish
Cherish share one another
From this day forward
Forgetting all worldly goods
One pair of shoes
Blessings πŸ’«

  • Book of John 3:8
Vibrations of love πŸ’₯

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