Ancient Aboriginal tradition celebrating football-sized bunya gets revival in Queensland – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

An ancient Aboriginal tradition celebrating the harvest of the spiky, football-sized bunya cone is being revived on the Sunshine Coast β€” more than 120 years after the last traditional gathering.

For thousands of years, Aboriginal people on the east coast of Australia gathered to celebrate the harvest of cones from the bunya tree, araucaria bidwillii, which can grow to 50 metres high and produce cones that contain dozens of nutritious kernels, or nuts, that are high in protein and can taste similar to chestnuts or potatoes.


{THE MYSTIC POET IS JUST VENTING AGAIN! Please do NOT read IF you’re having a “good day!” and just remember: “Bad-Things-Happen! So-Really What-Have-We- Said? That Good-Things-Happen-Too, My-Love! Come-On, Let’s-Go-To-Bed!”*}πŸ€—πŸ˜€

{THE MYSTIC POET IS JUST VENTING AGAIN! Please do NOT read IF you’re having a “good day!” and just remember: “Bad-Things-Happen! So-Really What-Have-We- Said? That Good-Things-Happen-Too, My-Love! Come-On, Let’s-Go-To-Bed!”*}

“BAD THINGS!” a poem inspired by Isaac! a.k.a.: “Everyone Wants Things To Be Good, Yet, Bad Things Happen, But You Can Still Live & Grow!” 02/24/19 [Sunday]

Bad things happen, but you-can-still-live!
Well, sure! but-doesn’t something have to give?
Bad things happen! My friend died today!
And I got stuck in traffic – and couldn’t get away,
To get home quickly – and comfort Dear Ol’ DAD!
BAD THINGS HAPPEN! Ain’t that sad?😒
Well (now) how-can-there-be-a-God? No God-is-THAT-MEAN!
[Oh, yes (S)he is, from what I’ve seen!]

For-instance-(S)he’ll see [his]her “only begotten son” die!
On a cross – and you better NOT-ask-her[him] “Why!”😒
(S)he sent-him-here TO DIE, just like your aunt,
And NOW! (S)he requires – that we chant:
Prayers of gratitude, for all things that occur!
OK! Bad things happen, but I don’t have to concur,
With the decisions of GOD! “Oh, YES! You do,
For I AM THE LORD – and-I’m-in-charge-of-you?!”

“Perhaps you are, Oh Great Tor-mentor;
Satan’s got nothing on you – and-I’m-a-bad-renter,
I can’t [always] pay my bills on time! for-I’m-bankrupt,
From your medical system, because I supped,
On some food provided, that-was certified organic,
That turned-out to be rancid, and now there’s a panic!”πŸ˜”

“Bad things happen, but you can STILL live;
Occasionally-a-carrot-I’ll-throw – and-a-treat-I-might-give,
To help you – forget! about this glorious day,
In Hell – or Heaven!” Then, THIS, I say:
“Do I want to [die-and] go-live in a place, where-a God doth rule?
Who allows things – here – in a way that’s so cruel!😒
No one – no one! would be so unkind,
To-keep-poor-humans-alive – and give us mind,
And – trap-us-in-traffic! and-STILL-expect-our-worship!”😞

“BAD THINGS happen, but I’ll not-take your-LIP!
Just watch it! You whining, insignificant worm!
BAD THINGS happen! Live another TERM,
And, when I’m ready, I’ll see you dead!πŸ˜”
Plus, I’VE SENT A GOOD SHEPHERD, and he has led,
You-to-a-glorious-tomorrow(?) – through The Shadow of Death,
Past fancy, white sports cars – turmoil – and METH!πŸ˜”
He’s A Good Shepherd, who -will-surely help you to miss,
The potholes of life, securing you bliss,
So your life can be – just as perfect as punch,
Even-if-the-punch-is-in-your-face, and you have to skip lunch,
Because: The Lord’s Will [must] Be Done!πŸ˜“
With afternoon pranks – and-slow-death-and-taxes!”😞

“Well, no one likes to imagine – pesticides and waxes,
In the food they eat! How about a break?
[No, NOT my arm or leg, for goodness’ sake!]”πŸ˜₯

“I AM – The Lord! BAD THINGS happen,
But you can still live, and right now I’m rappin’ –
Rappin’ some tunes, with vile, depressing lyrics,
And I’ll offer you religions too, with-de-mented-clerics!
BAD THINGS happen; then, you can DIE;🀐
Don’t [ever] expect [permanent] relief! and that’s no lie!”😒

“But WHAT’S NOT A LIE? and What is The Truth?
Welcome-to-tomorrow! Your-cavity-has-a-tooth!”😊

fin <3
Mr. Poet! Mr. Poet! Make it go away;
I can’t take much more of this! I NEED a brighter day!
You CAN turn it all around – to-“improve”-and-make-it-OK!?
“Sure!” said The [lying] Poet – “Let us all just pray!”
And-then will answer The God Below and The God Above:
“Sufficient in every day – is the evil inherent thereof!”

*”Bad things happen, so, really, what-have-we-said!?
That Good things HAPPEN TOO, My Love; come-on, let’s go to bed!” The Mystic Poet😁😊

In mythology, Orpheus, a singer, marries lovely Euridice! A snake bites her in the woods one day, and she goes to Hell! Orpheus is admitted to The Underworld because of his talent with song & Pluto lets him leave with Euridice, but ONLY IF: [the condition!] only if Orpheus does not look at her before they reach the surface! He does! She returns to Hell! Life is hard enough without having stories like that! & poems like this! Sorry!😒😞

Thank you
Mystic POET