“NOVELA!” a poem FRIDAY, 22 Feb 2019

A novelty gene? Is it wearing thin?
Come! Talk with me – about The Wages of Sin:
Is it NOVELa!? or – just-new? In-other-dark-ages,
The Holy Spirit – resided strong in The Sages,
Who left society, so-they-might-avoid-the-hassle,
Of being too novel (and-being-called-an-a-a – – h – – e)!
It’s just about MUTATIONS! Slow – and sure,
Which is – sometimes: quicker-for-him or maybe-for-her?
A DNA twist? to reverse “easy death?”
Was-Rasputin-licentious? when-he-hung-out-with:
The chicks in Russia, like The Czar’s sweet wife?
Her fond attraction, brought-him much strife!
A little TOO s-xy can-be a dangerous thing?
When-you’re-dealing-with A JEALOUS KING!
Mutating? IMPROVEMENT? Well! Sometimes-it’s-said:
But, if labeled as “different,” you’re-as-good as dead!
Now there’s a comic book craze, of mutant heroes!
It’s-clear – that-mutants weren’t-friends-of-Nero’s;
He burned down The Empire, to root out Vampires!
Deathless creatures? Well, maybe big fires,
Can put an end – to Mutant Witches,
Even if they’re benevolent – and just dig ditches,
And stay-out-[of]-the-way – of THE “Mainstream,
Society!” They’re-liable NOT – to join “the team,”
Lest they demonstrate – too many powers,
In EVERYTHING! [for-then, The Clergy cowers!]
“He did ALL things well!” WELL, the- advantage-was-“clear,”
But HOLY SPIRIT NOVELA is NAUGHT to fear! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Rest easy, Sports’ Fans!

fin <3

And, even today, in India, for example,
If a sage comes by – they give him ample,
Food! Yes, the villagers – feed him up well,
To-determine IF – he’s of Heaven or Hell!
For, if he is genuine, he’ll eat and eat,
And never put on weight – ’cause he loves to treat,
EVERYONE – to blessings! And more come out,
If he eats a lot – and never gets stout!!!




“POSSUM WANTS TO TALK!” a poem a.k.a.: “Playing Possum!” a.k.a.: “Survival of The Cleverest!” Feb. 22, 2019 [Friday]
Possum wants to talk! “Meow! Meow! Meow!”
Possum takes a walk! On-4-legs!!!! How?
Possum is a clever cat, with-a-fine-point-of-view;
Which-is-all-‘about-“PLAYIN’-POSSUM,” here is how you do:
Catch some birds! Eat-’em-up! However! IF-uh – when-you-sup,
A big-ol’-bird, like-an-owl-or-eagle Comes to chat, and-asks-if-it’s-legal?
That you’re killing their friends, because you need,
Sustenance! [So, what-cha-gonna-do, as you’re having “a feed?”]
Well, roll-over quick! and just pass out!!
And-then those-big-mean-birds – will have no doubt?
That they prob’ly scared Possum to death all right!
So, they leave! and when they’re out of sight,
Now, Clever Possum can-make a quick escape –
To, maybe, eat dry [cat food], for goodness sake!
Until-one-day- dry’s-not-so-great AND-A-MOUSE strolls by; ๐Ÿ™‚ – Oh, boy! girl!
Then Possum POUNCES! – on “the sly!?”
The mouse is TOAST! with butter and jam!
Possum! Wham!-Bam! Thank-ya, m’am!
Plus, Possum gets all the relatives! finishes-off-the-immediate-family,
and RELAXES! to-watch-a-favorite-chic-flic: “Am-e – lee,”
A movie that’s about: LOVE & JUSTICE,
While eatin’ fried mice tail and rodent bust-s!
Well, during the part – where they’re in-The-Spook-House,
And Amelie’s as quiet – as a mouse,
While her (potential) lover – makes many-a strange noise!
Suddenly! Possum notices! The BIG Rat Boys, ๐Ÿ™‚ – Oh, my!
Who have come to visit their cousins The Mice,
And Possum [Clever Possum] need not think twice!
She feigns another deep, deep [deep, deep] sleep,
And, of course, The Rats notice – that she’s not making a peep!
Still, they poke – and kick – and check – her (heart)beat!
“Yeah, she must be dead!” Still ! They tickle her feet!
Well, UP JUMPS POSSUM! A clever girl-laughing-and-“filled!”
“I fooled you, you rats! Your kin I KILLED!!!!!!”
BUT! IF she feels a wee bit vulnerable, upon-my-sister’s-lap-she’ll-lie!! fin <3


Pardon me sir, simply forget what want, what do you offer a lifetime achievement award with you ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚


Letter to my Husband โค

“I smiled to many people for more than a billion times; but when I first saw you, my heart took over and smiled for the first time.”

Reflections of your Soul

Life is only a reflection of what we allow

Us to see ~ self-reflection is a humbling process

Maybe it’s essential why you think, say or do many things

Than to improve yourself

Self growth comes bit by bit

Not all at once

Be Patient

You are healing the same as Nature

Jesus message

Jesus message

I seek deep into the hearts of all and when I read your motives and dreams like you do with all children I will fulfill those wishes if they come from the love I share with you. There are many sad stories down there on Earth and they are not overlooked. Wisdom is how I handle each situation for the Father and My Holy Spirit. Sometimes on earth it may seen like ones prayers are unanswered but they are always answered for your highest good. You are my dear messenger Luke I hear your prayers and hold them to my heart and all those you pray for will be answered for the highest reasons . have faith my dear friend and my disciple. To all others come close to me and you will come home to a place you will never need for anything again for only true love is where you will be.


We are most blessed dear Jesus for I know we only want what is in the highest good for all. thank you , Amen Luke Le Bree.

IF you really want me to come, I’ll need more than a ploy!๐Ÿ˜

“IF I COME VISIT!” a poem February 22, 2019 (Friday)

IF you really want me to come, I’ll need more than a ploy!๐Ÿ˜
I’LL COME! but-Not -because-you-might-employ,
A favorite obsession – of many other guys,
Like: strong-drink pretty-girls or a-whole-lotta-toys!

IF I’m to come – I’LL-NEED-Y O U THERE!
Other friends and associates? Well, yes! I-might-care,
About seeing them – but-only once in a while!

With your voice – and-all your flirty ways,
IF you really want me to come, I’ll spend-ALL my holy days,
With YOU! ‘CAUSE-You’re my reason to come – because WE FIT!!

And – OTHER-ATTRACTIONS? Well, they can be a hit,
With OTHERS! whose needs and standards belong,
WITH THEM! for-you-should-know that I-can’t get along,
Without your tenderness – and all your clever notions!

YOU have within-you [within-your-soul] special lotions,
Which you might call BALMS, which soothe my entrance,
And allow slight withdrawal – ’tis a-sweet -heighten[ed]-sense,
Of excitement and adventure – in every bush and tree,
That-dwell-there-upon your-palatial proper-ty –
So! Honey, please, – IF-I-COME, you’ll-need-to-be-The-One,


fin <3

“Here Goes Facebook 2!”ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

“NORMALS!” a poem a.k.a.: Saturday 23 Feb 2019

YOU WERE GONE! the day we met!
It is ALWAYS – a safe bet,
That the moment “X” comes into view,
IT is gone!!! So, don’t be “blue!”

I KNEW THAT FACEBOOK had-already-expired,
The moment that I first inquired,
About-getting-a-Facebook-site, you-see,
So-I’ve-NO-TEARS-to-offer to-be-friend – ly!

Do-you-remember-THE-ATOMIC-MODEL, in-The-Day?
IT-Had: electrons, neutrons &-protons! Hurray!
But-THEN – It-managed to have even-more-parti-cles,
AND-NOW! Models-have many-different-articles:

For STRING-THEORY – and-QUANTUMS-have-ma-terialized,
And-they’ll-be-gone even-‘fore-you’ve-rea-lized,
THEY’RE-MISSING! So – “Bye, bye, Love!” and-“Hello! to-YOU!”

There is ONE FORCE, with many forms –
Many differences – and MANY NORMS!
SO! There-will-be FACEBOOK 2! Have no doubt!
Then, once more! YOU’LL “POST”* AND SHOUT!

The Buddhists call it: IM – PER – MAN- ENCE!
Others? LILA** or The Cosmic Dance!
But, I’ll call-it: HERE-TODAY!- GONE-TOMORROW!
Nothing lasts! So, drop your sorrow,
And REACH-FOR-LOVE, ’cause it’s “the stuff,”
That-materializes-Facebook! and-it’s-all-just FLUFF! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Whoa!

fin <3

* – or “they’ll” make up a new name for doing THAT! or return to an OLD one, like inputting, inputtal, puttal, putting, pudding, or sub – do – whatever people agree to do, by default – or NOT! L. O. L.!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

** – Hindu term: “the play(?)” of “conditional reality!” Many forms, one “something!”


“MISSING PERSONS!” a poem February 23, 2019 (Saturday)

I’ve missed you all my life, but I didn’t-know WHO I-was-missing!
But NOW, I DO – and (This rhymes EASILY): for-This-line ends with-KISSING,
All of you and everything – that you have-touched or passed-by;
I’m missing you, but not for long! ’cause-now I-know your-sweet-sigh!
How IT sounds! and how YOU sound, when-you say-to-me:
“I’m-gonna-love-you – forever more!” and I-SAY, happily:
“I-am SO HAPPY, for I’ve-finally-found-you – YOU!-who-were-missed so long,
And now-I-might-miss-you-a-little-during-the-day, but at-night, I am King Kong,
WITH-MY-FAY, my-sweet Fay Wray, with-your-blonde-hair, waving wild,
Pacifying “your monkey boy!” Keeping-him fairly mild!
But-beneath that-hairy ex-ter-ior – is-a-heart that-beats for-you,
A HUNDRED DECIBELS, give-or-take, and-a-monkey-like-me-can-be-“blue,”
But ONLY-UNTIL my fairy Fay – appears to-love her-man,
And-I-will-make-guttural, monkey sounds – because you’re-of my-“clan!”

fin <3


“MORNING RITUAL!” a poem A. M. – Friday February 22, 2019

(1) The-alarm sounds once, and thoughts of you,
Come to-me and I am blue,

Because you are not here in bed,
But I remember, you’ve-often said:

You’re always with-me, so-I-close-my-eyes,
And breathe and sigh, as my body lies!

(2) And, again, it rings! Shall I arise?
I’ll wipe away my tear; it’s wise,

To start the day – and hope the best,
Is always ours! I’ve had my rest!

To strength body – and-still the mind;
Time-to-greet-the-day – and to-be kind,

To-my-little-self, with-an easy pace,
As-I-once-more join the human race!

(3) Once more! It comes, and-I-ask what-you,
Would have your tiny dancer do;

I think you’d say: “Keep courage strong;
I-will be with you before long –

In body, as-well-as-thought, my Love!”
Yes, you’ll be here – here, just above,

My face, and-there’ll-be-gentle-kissing;
Now, my touch – you might be missing,

But patience is a virtue, Friend!
(4) It sounds again! I’m at an end,

Of stalling!-and-feeling sorry, Dear!
I LOVE YOU SO! Now, I-have no fear

fin <3

Sweet as
Ballerina and The Music Master โค