“NOVELA!” a poem FRIDAY, 22 Feb 2019

A novelty gene? Is it wearing thin?
Come! Talk with me – about The Wages of Sin:
Is it NOVELa!? or – just-new? In-other-dark-ages,
The Holy Spirit – resided strong in The Sages,
Who left society, so-they-might-avoid-the-hassle,
Of being too novel (and-being-called-an-a-a – – h – – e)!
It’s just about MUTATIONS! Slow – and sure,
Which is – sometimes: quicker-for-him or maybe-for-her?
A DNA twist? to reverse “easy death?”
Was-Rasputin-licentious? when-he-hung-out-with:
The chicks in Russia, like The Czar’s sweet wife?
Her fond attraction, brought-him much strife!
A little TOO s-xy can-be a dangerous thing?
When-you’re-dealing-with A JEALOUS KING!
Mutating? IMPROVEMENT? Well! Sometimes-it’s-said:
But, if labeled as “different,” you’re-as-good as dead!
Now there’s a comic book craze, of mutant heroes!
It’s-clear – that-mutants weren’t-friends-of-Nero’s;
He burned down The Empire, to root out Vampires!
Deathless creatures? Well, maybe big fires,
Can put an end – to Mutant Witches,
Even if they’re benevolent – and just dig ditches,
And stay-out-[of]-the-way – of THE “Mainstream,
Society!” They’re-liable NOT – to join “the team,”
Lest they demonstrate – too many powers,
In EVERYTHING! [for-then, The Clergy cowers!]
“He did ALL things well!” WELL, the- advantage-was-“clear,”
But HOLY SPIRIT NOVELA is NAUGHT to fear! 🙂 – Rest easy, Sports’ Fans!

fin <3

And, even today, in India, for example,
If a sage comes by – they give him ample,
Food! Yes, the villagers – feed him up well,
To-determine IF – he’s of Heaven or Hell!
For, if he is genuine, he’ll eat and eat,
And never put on weight – ’cause he loves to treat,
EVERYONE – to blessings! And more come out,
If he eats a lot – and never gets stout!!!




“POSSUM WANTS TO TALK!” a poem a.k.a.: “Playing Possum!” a.k.a.: “Survival of The Cleverest!” Feb. 22, 2019 [Friday]
Possum wants to talk! “Meow! Meow! Meow!”
Possum takes a walk! On-4-legs!!!! How?
Possum is a clever cat, with-a-fine-point-of-view;
Which-is-all-‘about-“PLAYIN’-POSSUM,” here is how you do:
Catch some birds! Eat-’em-up! However! IF-uh – when-you-sup,
A big-ol’-bird, like-an-owl-or-eagle Comes to chat, and-asks-if-it’s-legal?
That you’re killing their friends, because you need,
Sustenance! [So, what-cha-gonna-do, as you’re having “a feed?”]
Well, roll-over quick! and just pass out!!
And-then those-big-mean-birds – will have no doubt?
That they prob’ly scared Possum to death all right!
So, they leave! and when they’re out of sight,
Now, Clever Possum can-make a quick escape –
To, maybe, eat dry [cat food], for goodness sake!
Until-one-day- dry’s-not-so-great AND-A-MOUSE strolls by; 🙂 – Oh, boy! girl!
Then Possum POUNCES! – on “the sly!?”
The mouse is TOAST! with butter and jam!
Possum! Wham!-Bam! Thank-ya, m’am!
Plus, Possum gets all the relatives! finishes-off-the-immediate-family,
and RELAXES! to-watch-a-favorite-chic-flic: “Am-e – lee,”
A movie that’s about: LOVE & JUSTICE,
While eatin’ fried mice tail and rodent bust-s!
Well, during the part – where they’re in-The-Spook-House,
And Amelie’s as quiet – as a mouse,
While her (potential) lover – makes many-a strange noise!
Suddenly! Possum notices! The BIG Rat Boys, 🙂 – Oh, my!
Who have come to visit their cousins The Mice,
And Possum [Clever Possum] need not think twice!
She feigns another deep, deep [deep, deep] sleep,
And, of course, The Rats notice – that she’s not making a peep!
Still, they poke – and kick – and check – her (heart)beat!
“Yeah, she must be dead!” Still ! They tickle her feet!
Well, UP JUMPS POSSUM! A clever girl-laughing-and-“filled!”
“I fooled you, you rats! Your kin I KILLED!!!!!!”
BUT! IF she feels a wee bit vulnerable, upon-my-sister’s-lap-she’ll-lie!! fin <3