Australian History ~ Sydney NSW

Mind Your Shoes:

George St, about 1901 – one gentleman scrambles to catch a tram, another steps up to reach the kerb.

The lovely ladies on the right are high and dry on the stone slab pavement, and not far behind them a man sports a boater hat, perfect for a fine day in the city.

Note the gas streetlamp – supplied from AGL’s big works at what is now Barangaroo – and the ornate cast-iron poles supporting the tram wires, fed with electricity from Ultimo Power Station.

In the middle distance is the GPO and its street-level clock, and beyond that the huge central dome of the QVB.

(photo from NSW State Library)

George Street Syndney N.S.W. Australia
American History


Out of tens of thousands of treaties,”Mah Pea Luta” (Red Cloud)is still absolutely right about that even today. He defeated the US Army at the battle of the “Rosebud”or as the Lakota called it the “Battle where the sister saved her brother.” The Lakota would ride just within range of the soldiers rifles and ride the length of the front line as a show of bravery. The two sides were at an impasse when a young brave riding along the soldier’s line got his horse shot out beneath him, with no other cover he ducked behind his horse.The angry soldiers opened fire on the horse. A few thousand rounds later the horse was getting awfully small. The soldiers were so intent on getting the precocious youngster that they didn’t see the young man’s sister suddenly ride up and grab him and carry him to safety. This rallied the Lakota and Cheyenne to the decisive victory. Red Cloud refused to sign a treaty of peace with anyone but the Phone. President Ulysses Grant signed the treaty with Red Cloud guaranteeing that ALL land between the Powder and Big Horn rivers would be Sioux land forever. Gold was soon discovered in the Black Hills and I guess everyone remembers Custer’s Battle of the Little Big Horn

Red Cloud
May Pea Luta
American Native Indian