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Rules of Writing Erotic Fiction – irevuo

Even though sex is the driving force of life (someone once said that it’s hereditary: if your parents didn’t have sex, you won’t either), if you were to go through the books in your house, you’d rarely stumble upon a few pages of erotic fiction. Nabokov, Miller, or maybe Updike, Anaïs Nin or Catherine Millet.…
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“FEELINGS!” lyrics for the song “Feelings” by Morris Albert – 02/09/2019 (Saturday)

Feelings! “GOD” would have NO feelings! except that there are feelings, experienced by us!

We’re here – to fee-eel God’s feelings – and-to THINK that God has dealings, with feelings of HER/HIS own!!!!

We are: – instruments of tort(a)ure – agents of some overture, for God to fee-el more!!

FEELINGS!? Whoo – oo – ooo -o these feelings! We NEVER can ESCAPE, our feelings for long – – – – [not for long!!]

God’s LOVE – comes-from a mean -ol’ white dove – that poops upon your hea-ead (and then just flies away!)

FEELINGS?! Guilt, Joy – and despair! Human beings find pres-s (a)ure, with feelings for GOD!

Feelings! Trying to forget mine – Trying with some cheap wine – to lose all this I’m given!!!

LET GO – – – – whoo-oo- oo — I KNOW – no -no, They are just for some stage-show, THESE FEELINGS OF LOVE [ x2 ]

fin ❤

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“YOU NAME IT!” a poem for Saturday, February 9, 2019

LIFE is quite the thing; life can make you cry!
LIFE CAN MAKE YOU GIGGLE! and-IT can get you high!

Life can find you filled! with lots of clever “friends,”
Who’ll twist you and turn you – to-such bitter ends,
That you’ll wish – and you’ll wish – for IGNORANT BLISS,
Then, bite-you-on-the a – – and-also-promise-you-The-World,

Before, shooting-you in the face, with-a-gun-with-handle, “pearled!”

LIFE! Oh, LIFE! It can be such-a-game-of-chance,
BUT – LIFE-IS-WHAT-YOU-MAKE-IT, ’cause Yahweh’s in a dance:

[Depending-on-YOUR-level of -INSANITY!]

Make me PRETTY! or-ugly, BUT KIND;
Life can be a “horror show!” or help-you to-unwind!
It-can-be: X or Y or Z or, maybe, [ ] !
IT’S UP TO YOU? – Choose-her-[to-be]-a-BEAUTY? or, perhaps-a-BEASTLY-skank!?

But, REMEMBER: It’s your call! This field’s “neutral ground!”
One person’s “Hell on Earth” – is-another’s: HEAVEN FOUND!
And BEAUTY – was-a-‘beauty;” the Beast? A beauty too!
Overlook appearances! & LOVE COMES SHINING THROUGH 🙂 – Wash your eyes!

fin ❤

Affirmation for the day

” Jay Said ~ I’m beautiful inside and out “

One Hundred plus a day ”


When traveling Australia🤗🤓

When traveling Australia, watch out for Hooroos; they are as mad as a march-hare and a million times more dangerous. When an Aussie shouts: ‘Hooroo’, you know it’s time to leave.
Australia is such a ‘mythic’ place. For more entertaining spins on Australia explore our website at: https://mythicaustralia.com/


“WICKED GAME!”   a poem to celebrate “CULT AWARENESS MONTH” in Alpine!    Feb. 9, 2019 (Saturday) 🤗🤓

“WICKED GAME!” a poem to celebrate “CULT AWARENESS MONTH” in Alpine! Feb. 9, 2019 (Saturday)

There is a game – with NO-WAY TO-WIN,
And-there-are NO RULES! EXCEPT-“The Rule of Sin,”
Which says: “If you play – and don’t play ‘FAIR,’ *
Some GOD’s-gonna-get-cha – Just – PULL-OUT YOUR HAIR!”

Society will teach you (L. O. L.) – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW,
To play the game BADLY! – and – make-“YOUSELF” your-“foe,”
And-“play”-yourself -“into-the-ground” and-be-conscientious,
And – PLAY WITH OTHER “LOSERS,” who-are equally pretentious!

THE PLAY’S THE THING – and-The-Game-shall-bring – ALL players to their knees:
Guilty! Sin-Filled! Hopeful-about-“Heaven!” This-game-is-quite-THE-TEASE,
The-only “gamer” – around-these-parts is-my-“friend(?)” – a surly “broad,”
Named SHIRLEY! Shirley CULT’s her name,
And prostitution! is-her favorite game!
She’ll f – – k – – g s c – – w-you – until you cry,
And, Darling! You will NOT ask WHY,
Because, surely-you-never-will-have-HAD,
A “happier”-time – o r-one quite as sad! 🙂 – I don’t know!

fin ❤

* – and there is ABSOLUTELY no way to tell what’s fair and what’s not! 🙂 – No Way!!

“Join a cult today, and GET HAPPY! Any one will do! Just find ANY group [OR PERSON] with (1) morals; (2) rules; (3) creeds; and (4) rituals! A close friend, ex-wife, or “service” group will work in a pinch! or – find yourself a Foster Home! or – a school club! or – a political convention! Any group! Any cause! Even your own family will work just fine! and remember: TEAM WORK! That’s what it’s all about! and – if you simply can not find any person or formal group of people, just get with yourself! and meditate! or “pray!” and listen to a thousand different voices and points of view, pointing you in the direction – of a beautiful tomorrow!” The Mystic Poet. “Don’t look at me! I just found this stuff on The Internet, The Cult of Cults! IF it’s here, it MUST be true, and, if you look around, you are SHIRLEY going to find a place where you can purchase tickets to go to Heaven [or wherever!]! On “Amazon,” you can probably get some cheap, used tickets!!”

No room here for them American Cults 😁🤗😅😂

How did Europe become the richest part of the world? | Aeon Essays


I though Colonialism from 1500s was what made Europe rich but this article argues that “After 1500, Europe’s unique combination of political fragmentation and its pan-European institutions of learning brought dramatic intellectual changes in the way new ideas circulated”. It concludes that the best ideas and advances are yet to come….I am not so certain?

“WHIMSICAL!”  a poem,  in “The Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series!  a.k.a.: “A Love Note Scribbled & Left On The Kitchen Table By Mr. Cuddly Poo Before Going Into The Dark Woods, To Gather Wild Berries & Nuts For The Evening Meal!” Sat.  (02/09/19) 💙

“WHIMSICAL!” a poem, in “The Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series! a.k.a.: “A Love Note Scribbled & Left On The Kitchen Table By Mr. Cuddly Poo Before Going Into The Dark Woods, To Gather Wild Berries & Nuts For The Evening Meal!” Sat. (02/09/19)

POO-pooXIE, Pooxie, you’re- so-pretty! The-prettiest-girl I-ever-will-know!

Pooxie, you-are wondrous-fine, from your head – down to your toe!

Your eyes do sparkle! Your smile too! I’ll-fall-in-love-a-thousand times with you!

I just-adore-and-worship – at your feet;

Yes, Dear Pooxie! You’re-so SWEET!

I-LOVE-to-say-your-name all-of the time,

And-I-LOVE-to-write ’bout-[MY]-Pooxie – in a s – x -, little rhyme! 🙂 – kiss, kiss!

fin ❤

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God Save the Queen
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“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows…” ― William Henry Davies

Henry William Davies

Henry Winkler Dead at 77 – A Huge Trump Supporter and Lifelong Gun Lover – Conservative Tears😓😓