How to Recognize a Player So You Donโ€™t Get Played Heโ€™s behaving like your boyfriend, but you just met. Keep your eyes wide open. Hereโ€™s how to recognize a player early on. โ€” One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes is โ€œWhen someone shows you who they are believed them the first time.โ€ The best […]



(a prayer to calm anger in the heart or mind) My mind prowls around, looking for someone to blame, hunting for a way to release the anger I feel. I am trapped, enraged by these feelings. Resentment weighs me down and revenge follows me. It overtakes my life. Please come and bring freedom, I need […]


Make Us Worthy of Your Blessings We thank You oh God for your generosity and kindness, and ask that You hear us in this hour of emotional need. Make us worthy of Your blessing and keep us from further greif. Help us restore our abundance here on earth, so that we may turn more attention […]

“Wedding Song!”ย 

“WHAT THE . . . ” a poem a.k.a.: “Wedding Song!” Feb. 6, 2019 (Wednesday) You wanna fall in love?! Well, THAT’S-JUST so INSANE! EVEN IF it works out A LITTLE BIT, there’ll-be a lotta pain, And people will cry; dogs will howl! Jilted lovers – will-be on the prowl! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? HAVE […]

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