“SAVORY AMERICANA!” a poem “Just EAT IT And Stop Complaining!” Wednesday: Karaoke Night of The Railroad Blues, y’all! February 6, 2019!

THE ONION MUST BE GRATED – To make a suit’ble deesh;
Such bitter herbs are part – of-our-savory-quiche!
We’ll SERVE it (AND PROTECT); just eat what’s-given-there,
Even IF too spicy – or-if you find “a golden hair,”
A nasty, barb-ED one – which cling-eth to your mouth;
Protect the flanks (?) and-especially our “South!”
We’ll have a splendid “picnic,” one at your expense!
We’re eating all together, within a sacred fence!
The grating of the onion – well-it might make you cry,
But-you’re-lucky-I-let-you-exist-at-all – and just don’t let you die!
So! gird-up-your-loins, strap-on-a pair – Moses-is quite long gone!
And no-one-here’s named Juan!* ๐Ÿ™‚ * – name o’ Johnny B. Goode!**

fin <3

** – or DONNIE BE

Shine on honey ๐Ÿค—


“EXCLUSIVE MUTUAL(NESS)!” a poem 5 Feb 2019 (Two-s-day)

Are you – a Baptist? – or a Catholic? Come on, tell me true?
Or – Are you an Atheist? Do we have A BOX – for you?
“A NON-BOXED PERSON?” Could it EVER really be the case?
Case in Point: My Friend HAL, of-The-Human-Race,
Who’s “sphere of influence” was – (pause) unprecedented – fo’ sh -r,
But! HE JUST KEPT EXPANDING! ’til-at-death, he’s-6 feet? un d – r!?


EDITOR: MYSTIC POET the House Poet never ceases to amaze our Readers with the truth.


Perhaps we need reminding constantly not to give ourselves *TAGS*


REMEMBER YOUR BLOOD AND GUTS are all the same colour on this planet


AND self imposed TAGS steal happiness, love.

You are all uniquely Perfect, just as your Birthright deserves recognition on Earth ๐Ÿ’ฅ

So, at the burial site, early one fine morn,
THE HARE KRISHNA’s showed, robed – and shiny-shorn,
With garlands and rose water – for an absolution time?
But – THEN! The Mormons came along, calling him “a prophet,” and-I’m,
Wondering: “WHAT IS THIS? Aren’t these MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE?
Hares? – and Mormons? and THEN! Demon Cultists! It’s-so-inconclusive,
As to what Hal is or was or-even shall become!
I had no idea, but his diversity – did-usurp a total sum!”


For, perhaps, ALL THINGS ARE ONE – and classes are all the same,
And, whatever might be “God” above, will never, ever blame,
ANYONE – FOR BEING ANYTHING! Whatever they might be,
Or JOIN – or EAT — or whatever [ ] they like to see,*
For soon – some (really) classy-gay nudists, from a local col-o-ny,
Showed up there (at the burial?) and we went: “Golly Gee!!”
And OTHER GROUPS – Then! Aliens, coming-from-Outer-Space,
Then animals! and transgender-GIANTS! and – witches – filled the place!
And SUDDENLY! Dear Hal AROSE! and-said: “Welcome, All My Friends!

fin <3

* – Censors like to judge what is proper to see or not, but WHO IS TO SAY? In so doing, do not such individuals place themselves on The Throne of Divine Discernment, and HOW DANGEROUS IS THAT? Well, of course, balance may be best in all things, BUT – perhaps such activity CAN be taken a bit too far!? Maybe?



I see perfection in your eyes,
As I touch your tender thighs,
As I nibble on your breast,
And-I’m dribbling over all the rest,
Of YOU, of you: My “fairest bird!”
I think I taste a subtle herb:
Perhaps it’s thyme or, maybe, sage!
Your leg is glorious! It’s all the rage!
With stuffing, potatoes – and-cranberry! Thanks-giv-ing is-always merry! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yum!

fin <3


“AVA FAVA JAVA!” a poem a.k.a.: “S – X – C – F – E – !” Feb. 5, 2019 (Tuesday)

I happened by the coffee shop, and -it was plaine to see,
A fine barista [Mona Lis(t)a] looking – around – at me?
The most beautiful girl – in The World – She’s-been-resting – here!
A-resting – yes, I’d like to arrest – her – and hold her oh! so dear,
In protective custody – I’d hold her – tender-ly – and kind,
Unless! – she was into – S & M – in which case – I would bind,
Her hands – and legs – and body parts – that we can’t – mention – here,
Yet – TENDERLY – I would bind – and whip – and catch – each – falling tear,
BUT YET – if She did – cry out – and say: – “I’ve had enough,”
Then – I would – undo her – restraints – and kiss her – on the muff,
Until – AGAIN – She cried out: – “That’s enough!” – you-nasty-big-old-boy!
It’s time – for me – to play – some games – with you – my sweet-s-x toy!

fin <3


“WONDERS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Cloistered Positions!” February 5, 2019 (Tuesday)

While THEY-were-in – their secluded, and-protected?-“cloistered state,”
Watching TV – sipping beers – and hoping on the hopeful fate,
Of favorite teams – and , of course, in-vest -o- ments,
A ROAD RUNNER ran-right-into-our-yard!!! with hardly a-lick of sense,
And grabbed a couple bread crumbs! Some that I had placed,
In The Yard for “the-usual-suspect”-birds, who also came and graced,
THESE PREMISES! Yet, I wondered: “Who shall ever see,
Wonders! such as this and that – Well, at least – maybe me!?
And IN AN INSTANT, my-road-runner’s gone!
Perhaps-never-again – will she bless our lawn!
BUT, WAIT! THERE! a praying mantis! shelling some pecans,
And a baby skink – and an EXTINCT hummingbird!!!! not-seen for-many e-ons!
Plus, OTHERS! all (amazingly) “extinct!” crawled! and-flew! around-our-grass,
While-cloistered-folks-did-work-&-worry, hoping-to-better-“their-class!”
They’ll check their phones, I think! to -enhance their wireless strat-e-gies,
As wonders all around them, scamper – on the periph-er-ies,
Of our property – and-on-all “World Stage Menageries,”
Doing strange, miraculous things-and-speaking!

fin <3


Dearest Souls of the Humble Spirit. My love for you is becoming deeper each day, for our God of Love blesses us with his connection to your Heart and that of the ego is challenged to flee.
The times we now live moves towards the final challenge for Gods children, that being the ego with its quest to take your soul down and you being distracted from your true self.
I ask of you though the inspirations of our very beautiful one Jesus,that let each day be as children of faith and love, be not puffed up but to enjoy the simplicity of life and in the vibrations that lead you Home.
(My light is with you At this moment and my words of salvation I have laid upon your heart. I trust you allow my love be strong in your desire to stay united with me in these testing times for you. To be strong is to be humble, To be my own is for you to hold to the simplicity of your Divine soul, knowing it is that of a loving heart that is at one with my Father.)
Try my friends to be calm of spirit and see the challenges of the dark one do not go away by your anger, or your lust to destroy, for this takes you to his lair. Look deep at your feelings and hold to your Divine Spirit and see and feel its calmness in knowing you have raised yourself above that which is not of God.
Blessings my beautiful friends in Gods love I pray.

Luke Le Bree.

Cairns yowie encounter raises supernatural questions about Australian creatures | Cairns Post


I am Australian ๐Ÿ˜

We are Australian
We are the Freedom Country
Proud of our Heritage
We are strong
We are from all Bloods around the world ๐Ÿค—

Australia ๐Ÿค—

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