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Humanity ~ thought for today ~ 😓 ~ enough is enough for all🕊

The Last Word…


“The earth is hiring and the pay is your legacy.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Thank you
Love conquers all 🕊

Memory ~ America

In November 2018, California experienced devastating fires that roared through parts of the state. The city of Paradise was one of the most affected by the massive Camp Fire, and residents are still picking up the pieces of its destruction. Artist Shane Grammer, who once hailed from nearby Chico, is using his creative abilities to find beauty among the ashes. On December 31, he began painting murals on parts of the Paradise community ravaged by flames. “I wanted to paint something that brought hope in the middle of complete destruction,” Says Grammer

“Ghillie suit rapist” Troy Johnson has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and sex offences against another 11 year old girl. 😓

“Ghillie suit rapist” Troy Johnson has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl and sex offences against another 11 year old girl.

The man who abducted and molested a girl in bushland while she begged for mercy has been pictured and named. Troy Johnson pleaded guilty to a total of 10 offences in Gosford District Court on Thursday. The charges were in relation to the assault of a 12-year-old girl as well as other sex offences against an 11-year-old girl between August 2016 and January 2017.

During Thursday’s court appearance he also pleaded guilty to two other charges that related to separate attacks on an 11-year-old girl between August 11 2016 and January 1 2017. Johnson admitted using a weapon and exposing the child to indecent material to make it easy to procure her for sex, and producing child abuse material.


The NBN contractor’s name was initially suppressed by the courts, but The Daily Telegraph confirmed that this was a mistake and allege the families of his victims wanted to share his identity. Johnson camouflaged himself and hid in bushes that he knew were frequented by school children and snatched a 12-year-old girl when she walked past. He then dragged her into the dense bushland and sexually assaulted her for up to an hour.

We at FACAA have held off sharing this information until he was found guilty and doing so could not affect his case either way. To share this information will not affect the case now, so we ask that everyone shares his face far and wide in case he gets a suspended sentence.

The little girl was on her way to school when the attack occurred. On the same day, a court document said how his victim said ‘stop, stop, stop’ as the father-of-three forced her from a footpath in Narrara on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

But according to the agreed statement of facts, Johnson told the girl ‘don’t scream or I will hurt you’. The married man, who lay in wait in a green and brown ghillie suit, then used cable ties and duct tape to tie up her hands and feet and cover her mouth.

After the horrifying attack at 7.45am on Monday, May 15 2017, the 12-year-old fled and made her way to school where her teacher raised the alarm with police. ‘She was dirty and dishevelled … she had swollen marks on her wrists and ankles,’ the documents said.

The girl’s harrowing ordeal lasted close to one-hour, at which point Johnson told her to get re-dressed. The rapist was arrested in August 2017.

Just a month after he was placed in custody, Johnson was viciously attacked by one of his fellow prisoners. Not sure why this was included in the report, are they trying to make us feel guilty for him ?

At the time of the prison attack Johnson’s father claimed his son had been ‘smashed to pieces’ and said he would never ‘abandon my boy’ despite the alleged charges. We can’t help but wonder what his father thinks now ? Who on earth wouldn’t question their own parenting if they have raised a multiple time child abuser, kidnapper, rapist…..

A lot of this story was cut and pasted to preserve the facts, our source a Daily Mail story which we double checked against other news sites we will link below the hashtags.

This thing is no man, he is a vile pathetic coward who gets off on hurting children. His file should be marked never to be released !

If anyone knows the girls involved in this case please tell them we at the FACAA would love to help them with our Phoenix Program. We can only hope they get the help they need to heal.

Troy Johnson you are no man !
You do not deserve to breath free air ever again !

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Animal Rights

“Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom, not apart from it. The separation of “us” and “them” creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering. It is part of the in-group/out-group mentality that leads to human oppression of the weak by the strong as in ethic, religious, political, and social conflicts.” ― Marc Bekoff

* – I haven’t used that one ever, have I?

“YOU AND BAD POETRY ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND!” a poem 02/04/2019 (Monday morning!)
[The Mystic Poet Tumblr site has been awarded the 2018 Golden Poetic Raspberry Award (known simply as: The Poo-Razzie) for “Worst Poetic Conceptions Ever!” We of “The Mystic Poet” site are heartily thankful for this honor and pledge to do even worse!

“They are similar words, with similar rhyme,
With a similar style – all of the time,
And similar lines, about the same old stuff,
And similar rhythm! WE’VE JUST HAD ENOUGH,
Of your uncreative ob-ser-vations,
Your-PLETHORA*- of conster-nations,
Your lamenting – endlessly -about this and that,
With no real solution! You’re just like a gnat,
Flitting around – with no real worth,
Sucking my air, on our planet Earth!”

So! I got me a job! as a GUARD,
At The Border! It wasn’t too hard!
Trump was pleased – that I had a gun,
And, when-I-wasn’t-busy-shooting “wetbacks” on-the-run,
Or sweating a lot, in the afternoon sun,
I sang little ditties – and it was fun!
UNTIL! Trump came by – and cursed my singing:
“I just don’t like it! Buzzards-you’re-bring,
Because they think that something dying down here;
Your vocal shrieking-is unpleasantly clear!”
So, he took my uniform – took all my gear,
And I wandered in the desert, for less than a year!
She’s pretty good, I think, but no one will ever know it!
I met Him in (the) HEAT, near a Border Town,
She was a real clever gal – kinda like a s – x – clown!
“I was banished here!! by Heaven Above,
For penning poetry, about passion and Love!”
“Well, me-too!” said I; “The-World’s-kinda-un-poetic!”
“Yeah! Well, a lot o’ folks can be boring! That gives me a head-ach’!”

fin ❤

* – I haven’t used that one ever, have I?


A LITTLE ROMANCE?” another (moosh-ee) poem Feb. 4, 2019 (Moan-day)

When a “little romance” be-comes – (an) “eternal affair,”
An-internal-investigation – may be warranted “there,”
To-discover-The-Nature: of LOVE-and/or-PASSION;
F – – – ing around – is always in fashion,
Then, it-doesn’t-require-much-persistence,
To-maintain – this-comfortable-distance,
For, it-cumes-on-so-easily, with-everything-in-place,
And we-don’t-even-need-lubricant -to-re-populate-the-race,
With some new human beings, alive – and-in-Love,
Fluids-drip off-our-lips, below and above,
And the dribble just spills- upon your longing-hips,
(Which-ain’t-there-from-me, for-I’m-“down,” doing-“dips!”)
Your-hips-wiggle-and-sway – in-their-easy-Southern-Style!
Yeah,-baby! A-Little-Romance –
Can sure make us smile!

fin ❤


“ALWAYS MISSING OUT!” a poem February 4, 2019 (Moon-day!)

IF I ONLY REACTED – “better” – and “quicker,”
I’d-be-better-off – but – I’m feeling-a-bit-sicker,
Trying to keep-up – with what-others-suggest?
To help my poor life? – and-make-a-“comfortable nest?”
To fulfill the desires – of Presidents and Kings?
“IF-I-COULD-ONLY-TRY-HARDER!” but-such-stress-this-thought-brings!

Perhaps JUST RELAXING?! “My burden is LIGHT!”*
And – BREATHING-FOR-A-MOMENT – might be beautifully right!

“JUST EASY DOES IT!” a term! demonized,
by: The-World-and-Motivational-Speakers!?
Are we TOO HYPNOTIZED? 🙂 – Whoa!

fin ❤

* – offered by a little known “prophet” a couple thousand years ago!


My beautiful friends of love and light, we have entered into the times we will feel drawn into a vibration of peace that takes us out of the heaviness of the emotional world, and though you know much heaviness is out there you will not feel you need to own it anymore, Just become the love and peace and live it at a pace you are once again peaceful with. We are in the final days of that which has tied us up and freedom now comes above all laws of man in our hearts, although most are blind and fall deeper into heavy energy. Know that you are one with Love and Light (God ) and you are the owner of all things beautiful accept that, don’t pretend to do it. For that beauty is our God within us.We live at the times when the passing away of the old will quickly happen after you are called and lifted in light back to full reality. Jesus will be the one to sound the lifting and your joy and true being will find its place in the true life godly order.
So my friends look and accept love and light as real and release the entrapment’s of the Fallen one and all that follow him. You need not fight him or followers but be the beautiful light you are now becoming and know you are one with our Savior and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

❤ Luke Le Bree.

Mystic Poet

“ANSWER TO MY PRAYER!” a poem Sunday: December 2, 2018

You’re just like – ALL THE CHRISTMASES – AND BIRTHDAYS – that I never had;
You’re a treasure! “THE” TREASURE! I’m your lass, and you’re my lad,
And both of us DO – deserve to be perfectly happy and gay;
We’ve got NOTHING TO MAKE WORK; we can just be ourselves all day!
I wanna look – I wanna look – after you,
And (you-know) – you make my life more “intimate” too!
You’re SO BEAUTIFUL – and I just love it – I just love that,
And I’m gonna love you – even more tomorrow – and – we’ll “chat,”
About how I want every part of you for me,
And how you’ve given all of yourself – unconditionally!
You cuddle me! (pause) And-I love to cuddle YOU, below and above,
And I love “the good” and “the bad,” because I’m so in love!
I want your every part – and “sacred” is the magic word,
To describe our love – and I’m drunk and it’s not absurd.

SOME DAY – SOME ONE – will find this paper, entitled: “Answer To My Prayer.”
I imagine, when they see it, it’ll cause them to sorta stare,
And say: “Well, this is odd! Every line’s the same – look here:”
Every line – will simply read: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR!”

fin ❤

J. J. S. Davis



J. Jay S Davis