LOVE IT!”  a poem

LOVE IT!” a poem
There is no WINNING – and no LOSING!
There’s-only-you – and we are cruising,
Through our life, with sails wide open!
Pardon me! I-know I’m-often gropin’ –
And hopin’-too, that we’ll proceed –
Happily together – I’ll let you lead,
When you are strong, and, then, when not,
I’ll lead a while! Look-what-I’ve bought?
A “keep safe box” here, for your Heart,
Which is so precious, and LIFE is ART!
Success isn’t measured, according to mundane,
Preconceived notions! Let me explain:
For “winning” and “losing” are just judgment calls,
Taught in sterile, academy halls!
There’s only LOVING YOU, no more, no less,
Call-it: “win-win”-for-all, with-no-need to-impress!

Always on my mind