The Salvation Song 🕊

“THE SALVATION SONG!” a song and a poem! a.k.a.: “How To Make It All Right With Bubbles And Tiny Hops Now And Forever!”* December 31, 2018 – January 1, 2019 to be sung to the tune of – – – **

I’m saving all The Universe, I’m savin’ it right NOW,

And-I am quite a GI-ANT! with my blue, bay-bay-by cow;

I’ll save all of this Universe, by flying-towards-The-Sun,

And-I’ll vanquish all the dragons (windmills) – you-know I’ll never run!

I swing at THAT-OLD (baseball) PITCH, and-I’ll “knock-it-out-the-Park;”

I’ll blow up mean ol’ JAWS, I will! He’ll be a gimpy shark!

I’m savin’ all The Universe, and THANOS stands NO CHANCE,

‘Cause, when he grabs The Gaunlet, (pause) I’ll pull down on his pants!!

The War of Armageddon – will never happen – for,

I neutralized “their” weapons, and they don’t have no more!!

I had-a-me a baby, with-THE-5th-ELEMENT,

And Leeloo thinks I’m “peachy,” even-though I’m crude and bent!

Yeah! Now you ask me questions, like “Where-do-we-go-from-here?”

But – I’ve no bloody answers, to questions laced with fear!

Just let your hair down, Honey – and smell The Yellow Rose;

I AM your LONE STAR, baby – I’ve-already-lost-my-clothes!

To-EXPOSE all those things hidden – It might be quite a shock!

When Donald Trump, he shivers – with a little, shriveled –


Upon THE DOOR ETERNAL! There are no limits here,

So, SPREAD YOUR WINGS and fly away – or grab yourself a beer!*

fin ? <3

    • “Sometimes, bubbles and hops turn out to be everyone’s SALVATION!” The Mystic Poet! “Kanpei!” “Salud!” “Cheers!”

** – LONESTAR! A song AND a new Marvel Universe Superhero, who usually: (1) shows up with NO costume on, just – (Tony) stark naked! (2) embodies the “aspects” of a host of LOSERS***, who have been TEMPORARILY “defeated,” but are NOW – back in action! and (3) saves the day, overcoming “impossible odds” because he is just so – NAIVE! (What a clown!)

*** – which includes: (1) PAUL BUNYAN (and his blue ox “BABE!”); (2) Korben Dallas, the heroic mercenary who saves Leeloo, “The Fifth Element,” in the film of the same name; (3) CASEY “at the bat,” who “strikes out” each time we read that poem; (4) Icharus, the young, brash “flyer,” who straps waxed feathers to himself, so he can fly up to The Sun; (5) Police Chief Martin Brody, who finally subdues THE BIG SHARK; and, of course, our favorite: (6) Don Quixote! IF YOU FIND ANY OTHER LOSERS in this song, don’t be surprised!