So IF you play, then You’re In LOVE – “LOVE-LOVE”πŸ’œ

“PEOPLE IN LOVE, SWEET LOVE!” a poem a.k.a.: ” ‘JUST THE OTHER DAY, WHEN I OPENED MY BACK DOOR, YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!’ Another Blessed JESUS, The Doorkeeper, Quotation!” January 11, 2019 (Freya’s Day) Briefly offering a soon to be censored and/or blocked acrylic painting, that I painted on the front of my sweat shirt, entitled: “Love, Love! Tennis Anyone,” of course!


Titled “Anyone For Tennis” is now on Sale

Just the other Day, Right outside my Door,
“People” were “lined-up!” People “by the score!”
“What-ch-oo want?” said I; “We just wanna know,
If-we (pause) are-in-LOVE! Tell-us that it’s so!”
And SO I cogitated – inquired of “The Lord* –
And – Maybe (also) checked-The-Internet, where information’s-stored,
To find out what this love thing is, & How to tell if you,
Are (really) – in LOVE – Love, Sweet, Love – IS-IT-SOMETHING-that-you-do?
Is-it a way of life – Living like a wife?
And Does it SO inspire? For y’all to – Light Some Fire?
Well, Yeah! I found some “info,” but nothing de-fini-tive!
So, I pondered, yes I did: However Do You Live,
When You’re In LOVE? – Love, sweet, Love – & Then! I think I knew,
‘Cause people-in-love are always-PLAYING – that’s just what they DO!
People-in-Love, they like to PLAY – They’re: “MAKE-OUT ARTISTS,” all!
They frequent all the drive-in movies, and (they) got to “Lovers’ Fall,”
And park & sniff & scratch – each -other – in playful harmony!
So IF you play, then You’re In LOVE – “LOVE-LOVE,” for you and me!
So, I-stepped-outside, outside my door – to-announce my-dis-cover-y,
That people-in-LOVE, they’re always PLAYING – and, then, what did I see?
A LIVELY ORGY – on my lawn – It-confirmed-to-me-that-LOVE doth-Spawn,
Hosts of Lovers, dripping sweet – On-my back lawn, there’s LOTS to eat,
And Drink & Smell & Touch & Taste;
Yet-to-those-NOT-in-LOVE, ’tis-a-?
And-y’know – This-is-what-Angels-do-In-Heaven-above:
They play! They play! All day long;
They fornicate-and-sing many-a-song!
They eat one another – and laugh ’til DAWN,
And, when-The-Son-comes-up – they’re (also) (still) on my lawn,
Absorbing rays – into their skin; dreadful-“waste!”
But what is LIFE – without sweet LOVE
Preparing-for-another – “bout” of-SIN,
And, around-the-perimeter, are mean, ol’ folks,
Jeering & Judging – and-making “rude-jokes,”
And that’s-where-they-stay!! but not-very-well,
‘Cause ALL-those-observers – DO-wanna-participate,
IN The-Play-of-LOVE – THEY JUST-CAN’T-WAIT!!** πŸ™‚ – Whoa!

fin <3

    • for those of you interested, “The Lord” is presently living in Australia, eating pizza on the beach! BUT – No, (s)he’s NOT Italian – (but – – – (s)he’s thinking about it!)

** – It’s a little-known TRICK, (pause) of “The Trade!” IF-you-want-into-The-Party, you have it made! IF you just-agree! – to-sit and-wait! So, IF-you do THAT, (pause) you’re welcome, mate! TO come right on in here, ’cause-it’s-just-about-patience! AND-willingness-to-wait-YOUR-TURN – and-about-loving-relations! <3 πŸ™‚ – Oh! OK!