“PLAYING WITH THE LORD!”  a poem  a.k.a.: “Smoothin’-Out Nick’s MAX NIX!”  a.k.a.: {Italian Version} Ah –  Ni-Sama- Peace-A-In-A-My-A-Life-A!”  JAN. 9, 2019 (Wednesday)          :) -sawadeeka!

“PLAYING WITH THE LORD!” a poem a.k.a.: “Smoothin’-Out Nick’s MAX NIX!” a.k.a.: {Italian Version} Ah – Ni-Sama- Peace-A-In-A-My-A-Life-A!” JAN. 9, 2019 (Wednesday) 🙂 -sawadeeka!

[Preface: We are SO happy that our friends Nick and Nisama have re-located their beautiful family to Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., having come here from Thailand! Nisama is a native from there (Nick is “a man of the world,” but, mainly, due to his “accent,” there are rumors that he might have been “hatched” across The Atlantic Ocean!), and the couple has three wonderful children: May Marie – Neo – & – Alexander (a.k.a.: Max!). Nisama is VERY homesick, and Nick is doing his best to keep the family happy and healthy; we have, of course, REMINDED NICK THAT “SIN” and “SINNING” is simply NOT something we accept as a valid principle here in West Texas! So, everyone is in agreement: Nick needs to JUST FORGET ABOUT blaming himself for ANYTHING! We KNOW he is doing his best, and we applaud how well he is handling the situation, “doing the right thing” by his family! The children are enrolled in public school and doing “peachy,” making friends and getting accustomed to our loving West Texas attitude(s)! With a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, we offer our prayers to Nick, and this poem is dedicated to all his efforts and love]:

This-here-World’s-upon-my-shoulders! I-got GREAT- RESPONS-I-BILI-TY!
I-gotta-fig’re-it-ALL-out-right-now! AM-I-meant- t’-hav’-tranquil-ity?!

My brow is furled – resolve is strong!
This is SERIOUS, and-it won’t be long,

‘Fore-somet’ing’s-gotta-give! I’m BRACING FOR,
The-NEXT TIDAL-WAVE! Can-I-“weather”-any-more?

I-lost-a-lot-in-“Thailand,” money – position – and-fame –
And-I-am-right-now (like) fit-t’-be-TIED (Thai-ed!) – This-life, it-is-NO-GAME?!?!?

AND THEN!! In-walks-THE-LORD-OF-LIGHT & says: “Hey, Buddy; wanna-play?”
And, SUDDENLY! all-my-worries – SIMPLY – GO AWAY!!

So, I cried-a-bit- and-RELAXED! How nice!
The-Lord-said: “You’re-MAGNIFICENT; you’re-HUMAN!
Let’s throw these dice!”

fin <3