“OFFICE VISIT TO THE DOCTOR WE BOTH KNOW AND RESPECT!” a poem a.k.a.: “An Intriguing Encounter At The Office!” January 23, 2019 – Wednesday

I went to Doctor Roman’s office this afternoon, and (s)he is married!
“I am feeling a bit anxious and harried,
Because I found this genital wart [on my genitals!!] today!
[I’m a little ‘short’ this week, so-how-much-will-I-need-to-pay?]
[It COULD be cancerous!] So, what would you suggest?
[I-know-I’ve-fucking-got-CANCER!] What-alternative is the best?
[I’M GONNA DIE!] I feel awfully fragile!
[In bed are you pretty agile?]
[FUCK ME! Just DO IT!] So, you DO agree,
I should take something! [If I-show-you-mine, can I see,
YOURS?] Yes, I’m-so-concerned; thanks-for-your-attention!
[Right NOW! Fuck me! I’m HORNY, and-did-I-mention],
I’m having headaches! [‘Cause I’m NOT GETTING ANY]!
Before I came, I called my partner Henny,
And (s)he said: [Screw me NOW!]
That I was just ‘having a cow!’
[It ITCHES! Scratch it!] But I may be bleeding there too;
I just needed – to know what to do!
[Oh, GOD! I’m hoooo-rny!] Thanks-for-the-recommendation, Doctor!”

{“Yes, Henny, I WAS able to talk-t-‘her!’
(S)he’ll-be-fine; a placebo I gave-‘her;’
Yes, at the regular time, unless Gladys-is-in-labor!
No, (s)he doesn’t suspect us, I do not think;
Yes, I know! Our affair would raise such a stink,
But, just know, (s)he’s so unstable, IF (s)he (ever) finds out,
WE’RE BOTH DEAD! A plantars wart* was-all-it-was-about!”}

fin <3

* – Plantars warts are small growths that usually appear on weight-bearing areas! So how can anyone get such a growth on their genitals? (pause) :0 –


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