“Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Series – Jfasterft Poet 🤗

“WHY!?” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Sunday: January 13, 2019

“I wanna go to Heaven!” “WHY, oh tell me, WHY?”
“To be with Aunt Francis, ’cause she made good-homemade-apple-pie!”
You mean THAT pie? The-pie-that tasted SO GOOD,
You-ate-a-bunch! Then vomited! when-you-visited-the-wood!?”
“Well, Yeah-but – ” ” -What-if-in-Heaven-there’re-no-pie-making-stoves?”
“But, IT’S HEAVEN! I’ll betcha – they MUST-a-have droves,
Of stoves! with-infinite-ingredients-and-lots-of-good-cooks;
Plus, I wanna go – to-read some real good books!
‘Cause I like to read!” “So! Read over there!”
(pointing to the sofa)
“But I think that in Heaven, there is much better air!”
“How do you know? and-WHY-are-you-so-“atmospherically-concerned?”
“‘Cause here on The Earth, with-the-sun -I-might-get-burned!”
“So, you eat pie, while cooly-reading! SO WHAT?
WHY-are-you-so-sold-on-Heaven?” “BUT,
It MUST be better – I’m-often-told-so!”
“Well, I hear it’s hot and pressurized, the-closer-to-“God”-you-go!”
“I LIKE to be warm! and-comfortably-tucked-away!”
“BUT – WHY go? We’re-speculating! In-Heaven-there-may,
Be no good meals!” “Yea? Well, I wanna lose weight!”
“In Heaven who’s gonna care if you’re heavy or late?”
“WHY don’t you wanna go? to-Heaven, Mr.-Cuddly-Poo?”
“Because! My-beautiful-cuddling-wife – I’m IN LOVE with you,
And, in Heaven, who-knows! We might not even know each other;
Why should I wanna go; I don’t wanna be with another,
Because – You’re SO pretty – and smart!- a-loveable-tart!”
“Why do you Love me?” “Cupid-shot-me-with-a-dart,
And-it struck-me RIGHT HERE, here in-My-Heart,
And-so, from-you, Honey, I-don’t-wanna-part!”

fin <3

NUMBER SENSE!” a poem “Finding Pakistani Girls’ WhatsApp Numbers! JUST KIDDING; Just Kidding!” in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 13, 2019 (Sunday)

The Cuddly Poo’s have MANY favorite numbers-they-do: NUMER-OLO-GY!
They-like: 25! for-Christmas!, and 1!-’cause-“You’re-The-ONE-for-me!”
And TWO-because-“WE’RE-2-but-ONE!” Plus, good things come with 3,
And-thirteen, the-number-of-NEW-GOOD-LUCK, ’cause-Cuddly-Poos-don’t-agree,
With Superstitious-Folks – but-“11”-and-“22” -fill-’em-with-glee,
For those are MASTER NUMBERS!!!* maximizing-spirit-ual-ity!!
They’ve MANY favorite numbers, e.g.: “5”-is “The Oyster of The World!!”**
And “9” is HAPPY ENDINGS! and, also, it’s when Gandhi*** twirled,
The World around his finger – and then got shot and sent to Heaven:
He blessed his attacker – with “Namaste!”*** whose letters number “7!”****
“We also really enjoy “4,” FO(u)R! It’s solid and secure,
And “6” is about fam-i-ly – and-“8”-and-“10″-are-even-and-pure!”
But, OF-COURSE, the-Cuddly-Poos – like-to snuggle and kiss,
So – THEIR-FAVORITE-NUMBER-is “69,” the-number of-conjugal-bliss!
And-IF “69”-don’t-work – you-know! all-that-well-for-you,
Try “96” – with-the-angel-above! There’s always something new,
With-Mr.-&-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo, a-couple-of- happy-well-fit-lovers,
Who might just stay 2 4 / 7 – – -underneath their covers!! 🙂 – Come up here for air!

fin <3

* – NOT REALLY! That’s just superstition 2!!

** – More superstition: IF you have a lot of “5,” The World is your “oyster!”

*** – “9” relates to being VERY HUMITARIAN! The Hindu leader Gandhi was shot, at point blank range, &, to his assassin, he is said to have said (in Hindi) “God bless you!”

**** – “7” is considered The Heavenly Number!