“FEELINGS FOR YOU!” a poem January 28, 2019

WE’RE BORN! to-eat-&-work-&-s – – – w,
And-we-drive-and-we-talk – and we’re told what to do,
By well-meaning folks(?) who-know “The Score(?),”
And we “go-to-the-church” to-listen to MORE,
Folks that advise us, and-they’re-“helping”-us-through?
Qs-find-“the-‘right’-way!” ALL-are-asking: “We’re-WHO?”
Well-we’re: good sons – and daughters – of Good God above,
And, IF you-don’t like-IT, there’re-are-therapists – of,
The-finest-persuasions – and-philosophies-to-boot:
Like-Jung-Freud-&-Adler – and-they-all-want-your-loot,
To advise you, quite kindly, what-we’re-doing-this-for:
TO GO TO A “BETTER” PLACE,* and, yes, there is more!
There are “law makers,” and police! to enforce their “good laws!”
So-we-can BEHAVE-“properly,” the reason?: JUST-BECA’SE,
And we grow – and we age – and “doctors” tell us how,
To “LIVE OUT ‘GOOD’ LIVES!” and-I-just-say: “Oh, wow!”
So! All-this-be-“leading” -to-SOME-BETTER-PLACE?!
BECAUSE-THIS-AIN’T! (any-good?) So-(let’s) put-on our-best-happy-face,
Smile! Behave! Yeah!-“mind-your p’s & q’s,”
And – FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE – never! Never accuse,
ANYONE! of-being-kinda-CRAZY, as we-all-hide in these bodies,
Composed-of SUBATOMIC PARTICLES, which-“eliminate” in-potties!!
So, eat, work – and s – – t – Sc – – w, Worship – & Obey,
And, with THAT – we’ll “get through” – about 30,000+ of-the-same-ol’-day?!
With NO REAL PROOF – of-any-hopeful-afterlife,
Except-weird-people-with-VISIONS! So, embrace-all-this-strife!
My question is: WHY people just keep on going!
For FEAR? laziness? or-to-drink** -ramble, UNknowing?
Flying to The Moon! Listening to “tunes!”
Talking pretty much non-stop – on phones, just-like-loons!
Drooling-around-shopping – and-traveling-for “FUN,”
And this-is-life-HERE! Have-I-missed-much?-Am-I-done,
With another useless poem? Go-on! DO-“view”-your-“tellie,”
Or-engage in “social media,” or (again) fill up your belly?
And-be-concerned – that-what-you-eat will-be-poisonous, yes, sir!?
SO!-THE-QUESTION! “WHY CONTINUE?” Entertainment? Life’s-a-“whir,”
Of thoughts – and scenery – and plans for next Week,
Month, Year, Forever – and-we seek, seek, seek, seek –
FOR SOMETHING TO FILL TIME – and do some of this:
Birthdays – and Holidays – and conjugal bliss!
Well, we-re seemingly “trapped here,” unless-you-jump-off,
The next bridge “up there!” Breathe your last? &-then, COUGH!
A cough you-got-FROM-LIVING? – or smoking too much?
Dang!-now-you’ve (got) disease – from “a lover” you-did-touch,
With “the wrong part” of your body; oh, how sad! Time to die;
Laugh-sing-eat-poo-study – travel – and cry,
And we all sit-around bedazzled – in some hypnotic trance,
And pay money to “The Studio” – to learn how to dance!
So, have-you-ever-asked-too?! THE-REASON-to-live? or-why-you’re-so-blue?
Well, The Reason MIGHT BE: Well! (pause)
Seeing-YOU; hearing-YOU; touching-you TOO!

fin <3

* – an “actual place” or “state of mind” (and aren’t they really the same thing?)
** – alcohol!? or – strychnine? or – water?(as poisonous as everything else?)