โ€œOVER-REACHING FACEBOOK POLICIES AS THEY WERE APPLIED TO OUR TEXAS NUDIST COLONY!โ€ a poem a.k.a.: โ€œBeautiful Dreamer!โ€ Friday: November 30, 2018

โ€œYour voluptuous girls,โ€ Facebook-did-say;

โ€œTheyโ€™re-far-too-provocative! (pause) Theyโ€™re NOT OK!

To-put-on-your-posts, so – your page we will close,

And all will be better! This-is-what we suppose.

YOU-ARE-EXPOSING T O O M U C H – we-must-hide,

These-things-a-from view; these โ€˜picsโ€™ open wide,

More than WE care for – care for to see,

Weโ€™ll-throw-this-blanket-over-you –

YOUโ€™RE – NOT – FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Aw, shucks!

We ARE the censors, and we have OUR rules,

To safeguard The Public – from lecherous fools,

And YOU – are a foolish- and nasty, bad bloke,

Who feels – and shows – way-too-much – STOP YOUR โ€˜POKE,โ€™

For the wrong sort of feelings – your pictures provoke,

We abhor LUST – Donโ€™t-you-lust-us! [and THIS IS] NO JOKE! ๐Ÿ™‚ – !

Take-away – all-your smutty, ribald points of view,


We once had-a-nudist-camp, where we tanned, swam and washed!

Even little children – in the air – parents tossed!

We used us some blankets, when we sat in our chairs;

We welcomed our youngstersโ€™ inquisitive stares,

But ONE DAY – a Facebook, Incorporated Gent,

Entered our camp – with restrictions they sent!

He posted this notice:


And youโ€™ll-now-don-our-garments!* These rules weโ€™ve proposed!

We know what is best – and a-nudist-colony,

Is NEVER appropriate – in OUR symphony!

So, youโ€™re closed down for good; your exposure is VILE,

And your nudity, you lecher(s) – is NEVER IN STYLE!

The-human-bodyโ€™s-to-be-clothed, and your children-werenโ€™t-meant-to-see,

Anything in PUBLIC – even-breast-feeding – naturally!

For we KNOW breasts and the-groin – are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN;

They are private AND DIRTY – and, by GOD, weโ€™re not kiddinโ€™ ๐Ÿ™‚ – Oh, my!

fin <3

* – i.e.: Community Standards!!!


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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