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“REAL WOMEN DON’T USE FACEBOOK – THEY JUST GET BEAR AND USE A POST!” a poem a.k.a.: “In Search of: NO FACE BOOK!” 11/9/2018 – Friday

GOD’s in charge of Facebook – we found out yesterday!

(S)he’ll throw you all in JAIL – or-crucify-you! Hey, hey!

For GOD’s a “real piece o’ work,” and will-kill all-Her(His) daughters-&-sons;

(S)he’ll let them/you post – and even host – & will-let us play with guns!!

But no dikpix – or vagietrix – ‘cause then-you’re-considered-NAUGHTY,

Wanna-get-stuck-in-JAIL-for-the-week? This-Social-Media’s (so) shoddy!

If you’ve a gripe, just call “US” up; we will NOT answer you,

“WE” are an algorithmic text! Come-on (now)! You wanna sue?

Try-to-sue-”US,” you’ll have no luck,

For algorithms – you can NOT f – – – – -!

“WE” don’t exist! Oh, yes! WE do!

‘Cause WE’ve “key words,” like f – – – – – – & s – – – – – – -,

And – IF we notice once-too-often, [ b l a n k ]-on-your-bloody-page,

We will NOT get upset, you-know – We’ll-never throw a rage;

WE’ll just respond, in-A-GODLY-WAY, * and stick you 10 feet under;

So, DO NOT CROSS US, M—— F—— s; do NOT make that blunder,

‘Cause WE (I?) AM (are) GOD, The-Almighty-One, runner of Facebook;

Call us, page us, e-mail us too – Your souls we have done took!

“When I was young – and quite naive, I believed in GOD – and stuff!

Now that I have a Facebook Page, I know IT – is a “bluff!” **

Miss Behavin’ lives next door; she loves my Facebook posts,

Until SHE-doesn’t and shuts me down – I-don’t-care-’bout-all-These-Ghosts!

BRING IT ON! OH, FACEBOOK GOD – for I don’t NEED “My Page,”

I’d f – – – – you royally, IF I could! Come-on-NOW! Act your age,

And you are ancient! An “Evil” Serpent, filled with dreadful venom! ***

(But) I’m immune! Been bit a lot! I’ll still wear cotton-&-denim!

FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK! God-of-This-World! I spit into your eye,

And I won’t care – if-you-shut-me-down/off! I will barely cry!

I’LL LAUGH! I’LL SING! YOU F – – – ing THING, a piece of 3-D “flap,”

F—– you, Facebook-no-arse-to-kick! NO HEART! NO SOUL! just c–p! ****

fin <3

* – i.e.: “Community Standards” R “US”


*** – L. O. L. – Actually filled with something else, a little more pungent!

**** – IF there was a GOD, IF there really was a SUPREME BEING, IT would: (1) not be a he or a she; (2) not censor anything, since everything exists within IT’s parameter’s; and (3) IT would be … even more unapproachable than whatever computer system operates Facebook! (Of course, now, someone either programs or programmed [but my guess is: programS, ‘cause whoever set up this system is (are) (a) bloody control freak(s), times infinity] Facebook, Inc., so THAT person – or consortium – must just have A GOD COMPLEX almost comparable to mine!! So! F – – – – you, Facebook Programmer(s) – and your b – – – – – – , c – – – – s – – – – p – – – p – – -, f – – – – ing w – – – – mother(s), OK! Oh, and have a nice day! Shalom!)