“ANOTHER LANGUAGE!?” a poem in the “Mr & Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series . . . Saturday: January 12, 2019

M M C P? “Initialism?” or ACRONYM?
It’s like -a NEW LANGUAGE! that’s-been-“ushered-in!”

It means: M r. and M rs. C uddly P oo –

But! they’re-just-letters! What-do-they-do?

This couple!? Are-they-TELEPATHIC? or – are-they-just-foolin’ –
All of us “REGULAR FOLK!” with-all-their-DROOLIN’ !

It-might-be: The NEW LANGUAGE! for – this-here-AGE!

We-can-call-it: “POOCH!*” for-dogs-&-cats-it’s-“all-The-Rage,”

“Pooch?” or “Pooish!**” How-can-anyone-tell?

If you understand it – well, IT’S JUST WHAT LOVE CAN CONVEY!
It’s-MOSTLY: letters – grunts – and-groans! = What “Cuddly People” say! πŸ™‚ -Mmmm

fin <3

* – like FrenCH!?
** – like PolISH!?

“CUDDLY PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION?” a poem, in the series: “MMCP!” written today! OMG! Saturday, January 12th 2019 WOW! LOL! LSMFT!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!
What-in-The-World (are) we-gonna-do with-you?

You-don’t-seem-to-need-others! You’re-always-in-bed!
BEDBUGS! you-are! Are-you – maybe perhaps – dead?

Zombies? With-no-need – for/of CULTURE(s)? or-of-food?

“LUSH-y-naughty” people! – a Duchess – and her “Dude!”

Kind-of LAZY! Kind-of – exciting!
And! to-your-house – you’re-often – inviting,

STRANGE! and-WONDERFUL! Internationale “folk!”
Like: Kings! and Queens! and-an-occasional – “cow poke!”

We-can’t-figure-you-out! We-can’t choose A BOX,
To fit-you-all IN! Are-you-(perhaps)-“The-Building-Blocks,”
Of a new style of Living – of LOVING! and-STYLE?
“CUDDLY-POO”-could-be-The-New-NON-Cult – at-least – for-a-while?!

fin <3

“ONE OF A KIND!” a poem in the “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” series JAN 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – went for A WALK;
They hold onto-pinkies! in-our-town – it’s-“THE-TALK!”
We-guess: They’re PINKIE-BUDDIES! and-also “blood-related,”
‘Cause they prick-their-fingers, and DNA-is-mated!!
Those TWO!! Those TWO!! It’s-a-little-scary!
They’re-starting-to-look-alike!! When did they marry?
Was it LAST WEEK? or – a million years back?
NO-ONE-CAN-REMEMBER!! and-they-NEVER-lack,
For “marathon gazing!” – and KISSING! They-win,
At-most-every-“kissing contest” they’re entered-in!
Little-Tommy Fitzgerald – reported!-just-yesterday:
“Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo – I saw them! over-by-THE BAY,
And SUDDENLY!! There was ONLY ONE – and I couldn’t tell,
If it was-MISTER!-or-MRS.-Cuddly-Poo!!! Golly-gee!-Oh-well!”

fin <3

[ ~:) -Tommy, you might have been seeing things, Tommy! Aliens! don’t exist in REAL life, Tommy! You just need TO SLEEP, Tommy! Go to sleep, Tommy; when you wake UP – EVERYTHING will be DIFFERENT! Tommy! Don’t doubt us!]

“DOCTOR’S VISIT 101!” a poem in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” Saturday, the 12th day of January, in “The Year of The Cuddle,” Twenty and Nineteen!!

Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo! (pause) They went to The DOC;
They-hadn’t-been-t’-the-clinic – since “Forever O’Clock!”

“So!” said-The-Doc; “Do you need me NOW?”
“No!” we (they) said; “We just wanted-to-ask : HOW,
To-fill-out-a-medical-form – we-got-in-The-Mail!”

So, the Doc gave-’em (us) an address – and asked: “Why don’t you AIL?
Like other folks? Like most all I know?”

“Oh, we just follow: THE APPLE RULE! that’s-where-we-go!”

THE APPLE RULE?: “An apple a day, keeps The Doctor away!”

“So, you eat-a-lot-o’-apples?” was the prompt quer-ay!

“No! Not really!” “”Well, then – what do you mean?
How-do-you-USE-this-rule, so-no-docs-you-have-seen?”

“Well! We-just-LOVE-A-LOT!” and, He said: “She’s-The-Apple-of-My-Eye!”
And – Mrs. Cuddly Poo – she let out – A HEAVY SIGH,
“He L O V E S me!” She said, “and I fall for him – EVERY DAY!!

‘Cause he makes me laugh! and – I’m HIS “pink lay-day!” πŸ™‚ – delicious! red delicious!

fin <3

“CUDDLY POO x 2!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” 01/12/19 (Saturday)

So, when “the covers of health” over us (doth) go,
And we’re CLINGING together, there in The Dark,
(It IS – The (OUR) – Cuddly Poo Place – to-“park!”)
I’ll hold you – and kiss you – and taste and smell,
And – FEEL SO HEALTHY! so VERY well!

Who knows! Who knows! – what THEY’ll-finally-say?!
When LATER – THEY-go – to-take-those-covers-away –

And – WE’RE N O T THERE!!!! We’ve GONE! to stay,
In “Cuddly-Poo-Heaven,” where The Saints do pray,
And The Birds Do Sing! and – our pets will bring,

Offerings-to-us!! As WE cling,

And The-Universe-will-revolve! around-us-where-we-lay –

In CUDDLY-POO-POO! throughout The DAY!! πŸ™‚ – <3

fin <3

“CUDDLY POO!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo” Jan 12, 2019 (Sat)

We go as we go; we stay as we stay;
We’re here tomorrow – and gone today!

We like to guess; we fret a lot,
Yet, I-think: ourselves, we-can-be-(so)-“caught,”

UP-in-“stuff,” especially our thought,
And – ME!-I-like-to-cling – to-the-knickers-you’ve-bought,

For-they’ve-been-close-to-you – AND-I-WANT-TO-BE-TOO!
You ARE – my pretty (and-sexy) CUDDLY POO,

Y’know? I-can’t-get-enough – – – enough of YOU!

For REAL HEALTH – Let’s CLING! – us two!

If you gotta-be-“dependent,” be dependent on ME;
I’m-dependent on YOU – and-all you will be!

You give me HEALTH, and thoughts of you,
Through-each-day -(they) DO-carry-me-through!

Let’s flow LIKE WATER – and float on by,
The dependencies-of-The-World, which makes me (us) cry!

“THE WORLD LOVES A LOVER!” or so they say,
But-I-think-THEY-tolerate-&-humor-us MOST-OF-THE-DAY,
If you know what I mean! πŸ™‚ – Poo-poo-pee-doo!

fin <3

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