“A C(O)UNTRY GETAWAY FOR OUR HAPPY COUPLE!” a poem included in the series: “M. M. C. P.” Tuesday: 01/22/2019

The c(o)untry c(o)um(e)s-when-we-catch-a-whiff – of sweet-fresh-air-and-dew;
You-look-at-me; I-look-at-you; we-know-what-we-must-do!
Which-is, together, to-“make-a-break,” for-a-c(o)untry-getaway!
Your love is warm, just like The Sun; we’ll-ride! Could-TAKE-ALL-DAY!
To-A SPECIAL PLACE to play and dream – We’ll find the Maypole waiting,
And dance around like faerie folk; our-HOLE-y-DAY of DATING;
Encount-ering-spacious-mountains, with-milk and honey flowing,
Our cheeks are flushed-and-we-just-love – towards-SOUTH, we’re-ever-going!
Bed-in-The-Bush, with-stars-to-see, twinkling in your eyes so bright!
We can get into-(some)-“real-trouble,” and find we’re stuck quite tight!
But wait a moment! THE EMERGENCY KIT! with dressing and some salve,
To-apply on-any-swollen-parts-we-find-that-we-DO have!
We go on EXPLORATIONS – into-areas-we’ve-been-before,
In landscape strewn with bushes, and-we-couldn’t-ask-for more!
We-are “climbing buddies” and like to hike all over,
Well-explor-ED-territory! “C(o)um(e)-hither-here, RED ROVER!”
Flowing STREAMS! Dribbling-dew!
A luscious geyser – made-just-for-you,
So warm-and-moist; WE’VE-LEFT-ALL-CARE,
With those who couldn’t c(o)um(e)-along – and join our happy picnic!
WE-COULD-VENTURE-HERE- EACH-DAY, &-roll-in-grass, so-cyclic,
To-be as one fine organism, with Earth & Air & Sky,
And, all the while, we cling so close – for we are eye-to-eye!
Musicians-both! You-blow-my-horn, and-I compose a lick,
With-ever-shaking tambourines! The songs of love we pick,
And strum! perhaps, to-so-incite – a lyr-i-cal-re-frain;
We’ll do it LOUD! Then, soft and slow, with just a little pain!
And ALL OF NATURE CELEBRATES, for-we’re-IN-LOVE, alright!
I LOVE – our c(o)untry getaways, joy-filled! both-day-and-night!
We sup on wine and-milk-so-warm, and-we-bring-us -candy:
Chewy, goo-y, oo -ee (pause) Meals can be – so “randy!”
Let’s-eat-it-all! We have so much! Nothing’s-left-to-spare!
I-smell-ambrosia ALL AROUND; are-there-flowers in your hair?
It-is A ROSE!-with-fragrant-scent, and-it-will-never-wilt,
For we-have-brought spring water – and-with-just a-little-“tilt,”
“Oh, my-gosh! A MIRACLE!! For-you’ve-brought-LIVING-WATER!”
A-gushy-spring!-going-“Swish-swish-swish!” “Are-you Elysium’s daughter?”*
Yes, an-“ODE TO JOY,” (pause) fa-miliar mu-sic, filled with oo’s and ah’s;
It’s HARD! to hear the subtle rifts, for I-shan’t-take a pause,
Until The Rose be happy, en-gorg-ED-with-the-flow,
Of-such-ma-gic-elix-ir! (pause) PICNICS! (pause) WE LOVE THEM SO!
fin <3

Take me home
In your arms
To a simple way of life
Where we will find our place
In this world
To live as one
  • Mrs. Cuddly Poo the goddess JOY?!

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